What's important when you choose a service provider?

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Hello Guys,

In our effort to make OffshoreCorpTalk.com even better for all of us and for the many users which come here to look for answers then we would need your opinion.

What is important for you to pick a service provider your ant to pay for his services to help you?

You may ask, what service provider?

The above are the main categories, if you are not sure, then please post below and ask.

Please post as many details as you can think about in this thread, we will use these data to go and approach service providers later on to bring on a new service to OffshoreCorpTalk.

Any questions or anything you need to ask, just post.

Thank you for your support & help.

In what categories would you like any service provider i.e. banking, company setups ... what else?

There will be a limited number at the end but we would like to pick the most requested.


Admin :)
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- Great responsiveness (communication even on weekend)
- Ability to look for solutions to the problems of the client (via personal connections)
- Transparency in pricing
- Any information should be verified before being presented to the client (to avoid "oops" moments)

All of the things above can erode trust quickly if handled poorly.

Also I wanted to mention fair pricing structure.

For example some providers who charge $2,000 to open personal account in something like Bank of Georgia.. They just ask client to visit a branch (same thing you can do on your own even without their "help"). This is overcharging and borderline scam lol.


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Yes, totally agree with the customer support factor. It's crucial not only for service providers but for all businesses as a whole. These days, when the world is full of everything, you will lose your possible income just by being too late when reacting to the market.
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I think that someone should provide information service for people who have tools to create bank accounts, make verifications etc but haven't information about current EMIs/banks requirements.

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Proper Data Security Must Be In Place. That's what people with pockets are looking for.

Hint (But not modest):
You can check this just by looking the email header. If email header mention any of Microsoft thing, just walk away.


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Clear availability schedule:
For example, I incorporated a company in Ireland and the virtual office was closed most of the time. If someone had told me, "We are available Tuesday and Friday, 9 to 5 GMT time, It would have been better".

Bank account producer/ EMI:
Clearly describe KYC/AML for now and the future. For example, it would be great that a EMI/bank tell the customer what they monitor. On the other hand, right now, companies like Revolut tells you: "we are using an algorithm, and we may block you". We don't know the reason, we don't know what they monitor. It is just arbitrary.
If they said : look we monitor all your transfers when they exceed 15000 dollars/euros, this would be clear.


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Hello! I agree with the factors that determine good providers, as other members stated.

Would appreciate adding to the list of service providers companies that assist with the following:
- Crypto regulations;
- Offshre banking licenses;
- Offshore brokerage licenses;
- Providers of operational addresses/mail forwarding/local directorship.


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I think @avalanche nailed. I will just add more payments methods because I have seen some providers that only accept credit/debit cards, they should accept a lot more type of payments like transfers/paypal/cryptos/etc
eadeveloper: well, i think a correctly managed bank account ON THE NAME OF THE SERVICE PROVIDER'S NAME (!) i an acceptable jurisdiction... and, well, paypal finally has much better services that they used to offer some years ago = acceptable

... but, please, don't expect that we deal with an obscure financial institution on the fidji islands :cool:

about prices: we offer FULL CREDIT of all fees by offering PERSONAL SERVICE for the full amount clients pay us at a fixed rate (f.e. the invoice is us$ 3,000, the client can confront us with personal questions and ask for individual services for 12 hours without further costs... works perfectly)


-Availability and speed of reply
-Being transparent - telling you upfront what it can provide, what are the REQUIREMENTS and what are ALL the possible routes, not just telling you the most expensive alternatives to f**k you on a useless complex structure.
-Data security (using proper encrypted email)
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