Where to form my company for online only business?


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Hi there guys,

awesome site here.

The business i want to make is to Buy traffic from Publishers and Sell to Advertisers.
So basically i will be a Traffic Broker / Middle Man ( i have a lot of contacts )

I am born and raised in Cyprus so i know that it's one of the best options out there.

I basically want to be able to :
1) Receive invoices from Publishers so i can pay them with Wire or some other option if you can suggest
2) Send invoices to Advertisers so they can pay me by Wire or some other option if you can suggest

I was thinking about making several Business Names under different physical persons names ( that i trust of course ) so that i can take advantage of the tax free earnings that are up to 19K EUR if i'm not mistaken. So when one business name is close to 19K i send invoice with the name of the other business name etc.

Is this possible to be done?

In addition will it be easy for me to Pay and Receive payments through Cyprus banks? Each Business Name should have a different bank account or 1 is enough to receive and send all payments?

Thanks in advance for your help