Question Where to incorporate NFT Marketplace? British/EU + Pakistan founders

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This forum is super helpful to me.

Seen a few helpful threads of advice over the past few weeks on crypto startups

I'm hoping some of you older hands would be kind enough to give me a bit of steer on a
sensible approach to my new startup?

My situation

UK national holding both Irish and British passports.
I am settled in UK, no plans/desire to relocate unless there is a significant financial reason to do so...

My business partner is in Pakistan.

We are currently building a trustless/dex nft marketplace.

No plans for any token but may consider raising capital via protocol nfts.

We haven't formed the company yet - We are about 2 months from launch.
I could form a UK one but my concern is with regulatory issues I may face in the future such as:

  1. KYC requirement for wallets
  2. VAT collection on digital assets
  3. Advertising regs
  4. Foreign National as a director of the business. (That's allowed?)
No plans to take any fiat currency. We charge a few % on sales which is denominated in ETH.

Where could we incorporate and not be vilified from a regulatory and tax perspective?
As in offshore but fully legit still pay our UK/Pakistan tax.

Also a banking setup were we can actually pay ourselves in our fiat currencies.
We could pay ourselves in crypto but maybe that becomes personal income or will be confusing for tax authorities..

I hope this is enough detail? Thanks for reading. Look forward to your replies!


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You would like to go with Switzerland ZUG , Malta, Latvia and or DUBAI / UAE

That's the places where people are setting up their crypto ventures, I believe there is a good reason for it.

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