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Withholding tax on dividends in Romania

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@European in Romania you will probably get back nothing but tax credit from ANAF and I don't think they will allow you to claim back the 8%, then after dividends you will most probably be forced to pay healthcare and social security on your dividend income if it's above a minimum income threshold which is very low (unless laws changed recently). You can pay those at the minimum level ifI remember correctly but they still mean a few thousand euros per year.
Is that a typo?

Not a typo

It's 20% then, not 45%
The PWC webpage talks about distributions by and WHT tax applied to Romanian resident companies (to non-resident entities)
Maybe you should post the link to the PWC page, just to be fair.
This would prevent the WHT tax in Romania, correct?

That's correct but you will have to create substance in Romania AKA hiring at least a director and renting an office to prevent the EU country where you are tax resident to claim that you are managing the RO company from there.

Since you mentioned Greece in your post, Greece could be a good option for an holding (if your RO company doesn't generate > 30% in passive income otherwise it will be considered a CFC) because there will not be any WHT tax in Romania and dividends are taxed only 5% in Greece when distributed to yourself.

Total tax 8%

Not bad at all.
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