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WTF is going on in CryptoLand - BTC down with 4% ?

John Spectre

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Nothing exceptional.
Volatility up to 10% per day ordinary for bitcoin.
30% for eth and much more for other shitcoins
If you can't live with such level of volatility, probably crypto isn't for you. And you should to go to regulated markets where excessive volatility limits by rules.


Who sad I can't live with it :rolleyes: I'm looking for a reason for why the shit is going down the hills.
I think his point was that the move is so minor/ordinary that the question doesn't make that much sense since moves like this are nothing exceptional what should make you ask for a reason


From the replies here it all look like it is natural and nothing special happened that day they were falling. Okay I accept this may just be a volatile BTC.
Just forget it. Don't watch the price as it doesn't really matter at this point. Unless you are daytrading, look at price changes of Bitcoin annually, not daily lol.
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