Xapo or AdvanceCash what is better?

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  1. CoinMaster

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    I'm considering using just one of these services! So far I have signedup for both Xapo and AdvanceCash waiting for approval of my verification documents.

    Which service do you like the most and why?

    Both service let you exchange EUR to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to EUR instantly for a fee! When I transfer USD to my Xapo account I do not need to exchange it first but can use my Bitcoins directly with the debit card.

    With AdvanceCash I have to exchange bitcoins to EUR or USD first, load my debit card and then I can use the amount. On each transactions there is a small fee!

    So please input me here.
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  2. auric

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    Xapo lets you trade directly with your Bitcoins and the exchange is made when you purchase something using your card or withdraw money in the ATM

    Advance cash is a wallet where you have to exchange your bitcoins each time and load your card.

    That's the major differences I can see. Advance Cash is also more expensive to use as Xapo is but Advance Cash provides the best privacy.
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  3. maxmoney

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    AdvanceCash is great compared to Xapo they offer better conditions.
  4. lostman

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    I setup account with Xapo and AdvanceCash I more like Xapo because I keep my bitcoins and exchange rate is better!
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