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    Forex Fund Management Company in the Seychelles or Cyprus, please read!

    So, minimum euro 30k for the establishing a Mutual Fund or to obtain a CIF license in Cyprus on top 500K paid in share capital in Cyprus and only proof of 1M in the Seychelles with Mututal fund, is that correct?
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    How to sell your offshore incorporation

    There is no reason for why you shouldnt be able to sell your company, so offshore company! After the successful incorporation of the company in an offshore jurisdiction it is yours and you can do whatever you like with it.
  3. B AKA Panama Legal SCAM - WARNING - LEARN - SCAM

    If you login to the forum More... with user : panama and PSW: fightback2010 you will find tons of complains about them, it is time to fight those fraudstars..... here a snap of it: and another few: And one more....
  4. B AKA Panama Legal SCAM - WARNING - LEARN - SCAM

    Hi,I'm a victim of they scammed me for more than 3000 usd, I wanted to incorporate a company with them with some additional services, they never made the incorporation of my panama company nor did they even replied to my e-mails.When I tried the livechat of scam, some...
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    Any one used VBV secured card to paypal?

    Any one used VBV secured card to paypal?
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    Googd recurring billing shopping cart, any suggestions?

    I am looking for a cart that supports recurring billing (when a customer gets a product auto shipped to them like every 30 days). I have so far tried OSCommerce and X-cart, both don't do what I exactly looking for at least I can manage to get it setup correctly?
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    Exchange currency from EUR to USD with moneybookers, how?

    Well you just cant, if you have created an account as USD then this is it, only thing you can do is to transfer EUR to someone the system calculates the fee automatically.
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    Cyprus Company Formation with full assets protection how is it possible?

    I just wonder if you need to send your original documents anywhere ? The article is good but it should provide more details on how the process it to setup a cyprus company, it is difficult for non offshore experts to get the bride picture of this. also do I need to come to visit Cyprus to...
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    Slightly Shady SEO - good reading nice way to build your anchor text

    Think this is true and I have tested it on several websites and google simply ignore the other websites, it picks one and the rest goes as duplicated content.
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    Help with Cube Cart 3 & Google Base

    I have three websites with Cube Cart : Premiere Replacement China Premiere Books Premiere Costume Jewellery I cannot work out how to download the data onto Google Base. I know how to save it to note pad from my website. But when it gets to adding to Google Base, I seem to be missing...
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    Possible to accept and send paypal payments without paypal?

    do you mean that u can use paypal without Register account with them ? if u mean it , i'll say it's impossible .
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    Google Checkout?

    Google checkout is a good alternative and maybe the best alternative to all the others like paypal, moneybookers, alertpay and son on. Anyway I would offer my customers to be able to pay by at least too of the major payments, paypal and google checkout!
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    Are there any other programs like google adsense?

    Is there any website that offer ads like google adsense. Because I think that google adsense will never accept me.
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    PayPal 2 accounts

    It has come time for me to upgrade my normal account to premier. However, it would be nice to use one account for receiving non-cc payments without fees, so I would like one premier account and one personal. I believe that that is legal, but I would like to make sure.
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    Merchant and Gateway account needed ASAP

    Ok, well just an update on this, and to let you know who else I tried. I applied for a merchant and gateway through unitedbankservice . com, and faxed in all proper documents. I have not had 1 single response from them. NOTHING. I have tried calling, leaving voicemails, emailing them, using...