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    Cook Islands Registry of Companies - Learn before you establish your business!

    You may try one of these, they are looking professional at least don't know if they can be trusted: Asiaciti Trust - International | Trusts | Companies | Tax But they are headquartered in Singapore so it means they are using a intermediate to do the incorporation there, you may find some...
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    My research about offshore company formation

    You mind telling us what the total setup look like?
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    Someone here using black hat techniques in seo ?

    No one that one to rank for a website today can just use White Hat methods any longer. Google tend to let you believe it's possible but it is not unless you are representing a huge company like Toyota, Mercedes or are a newspaper! So, BlackHat forever if you want to rank your website. There are...
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    Requirements for accepting credit cards online

    Yes you will always need a merchant account for your payment gateway unless it is 3rd party payment processing means the payment service provider let you process card transactions over an master account with the Acquiring bank. Pretty risky doing that.
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    Overseas Trust for double protection?

    It depends on your budget and how much profits you are doing. If you don't make at least 10k - 20k $ / month forget about a Trust it's not worth the money you are going to spend on such an entity.
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    Giant Dinosaur discovered!!!

    Chceck this out, it's incrediable blak""#¤
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    Web Designer needed to build my new website

    You want to try these guys Authority Sites veryy good in what they are doing and webdesign. $99 is cheap!
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    Offshore Hosting for my new business needed

    You want to try these guys. Ultra fast servers and 65 locations around the globe.. you can get all your hosting needs covered with one host, this one. Also I don't find them to expensive! Your Solid Seo VPS - SolidSeoVPS
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    Where to buy a website for my business?

    May we see what the outcome is?
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    Panama, Hong Kong or other offshore jurisdiction whats now the best?

    Will go for Mauritius for trading company.. if the only purpose is to take your business offshore Mauritius or Seychelles is fine!
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    Offshore Lawyers where to find the best please?

    I'm just asking, the best to do what? I mean, there are lot's of lawyers, divorce lawyers, business lawyers, real estate lawyers, what are you into?
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    Where to place my holding company, jurisdiction?

    Seychelles vs Cyprus model seems to work really great. I have made some research yesterday aproaching almost any firm in Cyprus to ask what's the best setup similar to yours there. You have to learn about taxation between Cyprus and Seychelles to understand all of it.
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    Overseas Trust for double protection?

    A Overseas trust is paramount in matters of protecting your privacy and your funds / assets from lenders and creditors. No one, I repeat, No one will be able to access your assets & funds if you establish a Trust (you need a professional to help you) parmount and transfer everything in there!
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    Belize company is less than 1 year old yet I have to renew now or get penalty??

    It's a shitty game from the Belize government to make rules like these! If it's just a regular belize company renewal you don't need to worry that much but if it is a financial license you have to worry it's costly!
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    Cook Islands Registry of Companies - Learn before you establish your business!

    Where are you with your incorporation? Do you mind to give us some update?
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