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  1. G

    Bank Account for Delaware company in the cannabis Industry

    Dear forum users, we are searching for a bank account for our LLC company that is registered in Delaware, to make it more complex we have a company that is advertising cannabis-related companies like dispensaries, cannabis tour operators as well other cannabis/CBD-related companies. We do not...
  2. T

    Eur bank account for USA LLC

    Hello, I need a EUR bank account/EMI for my USA LLC. This account must not be restricted to SEPA payment, it must support wire from outside Europe - No Payoneer. TW - Borderless was great, but they closed my account after 2 years. TW no longer an option. I am basically looking for a TW...
  3. marlinpro

    Revolut - N26 - Bitcoin for people not living in Europe anymore

    Hey guys, Is there anyone out there using any electronic bank like Revolut or N26 even though they are no longer European residents? I am planning to leave Europe and I wonder if they actively check if you are still a resident or not. I could keep an active address in Europe but I guess that...
  4. barto44

    Bank account UK (personal) with multiple/virtual IBANs

    Looking for a personal bank account (UK), which have the ability to create multiple IBAN UK for the same account. This without having to create a new account within the same bank to have a different / new IBAN and having to pay the maintenance fee for each of them.
  5. lrotter

    SEPA to SWIFT gateways

    Hello members :) I have several clients dealing with financial services and acting as financial institutions. All of them are HK, Singapore, Brazil and South Africa registered. They have opened Sepa and Swift accounts for processing clients funds (accounts are non-dedicated for their clients...
  6. B

    German IBANs for French Companies

    Hello! I have a French company and I am looking for a bank or offshore institution, which can give me multiple German IBANs at a good price! I contacted qonto, they only give French IBANs, and N26, they give only 1 german IBAN! Could you guys please give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  7. Periman

    How to get a FOREX License - Best Jurisdictions and structure 2021

    Hello team, We are an unregulated forex broker incorporated in SVG ( operations of the company are in Cyprus with a different company name doing software development for brokers.) and we are looking to restructure and get a license since its becoming more difficult every day to get PSPs and...
  8. O

    Looking for a crypto-exit strategy

    Hello, I am researching what my exit strategies from crypto will be within the next 4-18 months, with portfolio worth $1mm - $2mm. My country is a member of EU (Central Europe) with significant taxation on crypto, I do not want to cash out to fiats here. The CRS and CFC obviously limit my...
  9. M

    Dukascopy Bank need tax report, any help

    Hello. Dukascopy blocked my account and asking for a tax report from my country, I don't have a tax number and I can't get a tax report, I'm online seller ( individual ). Any advice please. My account won't reactivate without tax report.
  10. uplana

    What's savest EMI for 20K SEPA transfers without blocking?

    I have been shopping around for save EMI's for some time, now I made a short list but still I'm missing approval from the EMI's, means they don't come back to me with a clear answer. Business model, simply consultancy with legal entity UK LTD duly incorporated with all documents available, EU...
  11. B

    What documents I need to open a Business Account em BofA for SM Foreign Onwer Delaware LLC?

    Hi, Let's talk about a Single Member LLC in Delaware/US, which is a disregarded entity for tax purposes. Since it is a Foreign Owner Entity with no US Source of Income, the entity doesn't have to pay federal tax in US. Besides that, the only document the company has is the Certificate of...
  12. I

    Non AEOI country banks with remote open

    Good afternoon OffshoreCorpTalk team, I was wondering if you'd know any bank which will allow to non residents to remotely open an account (just as Atlantico, Dukascopy, N26) and belonging to a Non AEOI country. I'm not sure but there are a couple of states... Albania Angola Antigua &...
  13. B

    Account for UK LTD,HK LTD , USA LLC

    I need help and advice from the experts out there. I have formed following companies aiming my 2020 business goals. UK Ltd Company HK Ltd Company USA LLC single member I live in China, holding Pakistan and Caribbean passports. I have struggled to get anything sorted for most of 2020 and gave up...
  14. Bingim

    How do I open an Offshore bank account being a EU resident?

    Hello, I do really need help on opening an offshore bank account. I am currently selling on Shopify through my Lithuanian bank account and paying taxes (around 51%) so and offshore bank account would definitely help me in lowing these taxes (or minimizing them to 0). Are there anyone who could...
  15. Imperial Ties

    Opening a legal/official company.

    Good day, Offshorecorptalk & Co. Never before in my life I had a need to open a company, so I didn't get myself educated within that field. Basically, I'm running a project in Europe (myself I'm also from Europe) that is mainly focused on cryptocurrencies. Due to a few reasons, I'm in need for...
  16. C

    Online banking solutions that accept Seychelles IBCs

    Hi, This is my first post here :) I am a legal consultant and corporate administrator for high net clients. Some of my clients are interested in opening bank accounts online (such as Revolut or Transferwise) for their Seychelles IBCs. I know TW doesn't accept offshore companies, but i'm not...
  17. E

    Question Can i use stripe with a Free Zone Company in UAE doing this?(Read More)

    Hi Guys, I recently opened a Free Zone Company in UAE, i do e-commerce so i need to setup stripe for UAE, and i discovered it isn't supported then in the Emirates. Talking with Stripe support they told me to use stripe atlas and open another company in USA in order to continue to use stripe. My...
  18. Panama

    US bank account or EMI for Panama corporation

    Hi folks, it's my very first post in this amazing forum. I am an Amazon FBA seller, I plan to open a corporation in Panama to use it to sell on Amazon.com in the USA, BUT the only one issue is existing. How to receive payments from Amazon to my corporation? EMI like Payoneer, TransferWise, OFX...
  19. M

    iban SEPA for non-resident

    Hello dear sir, I have a concern and I will need your help, I am a self-employed person, and most of my services are in Europe, however, I am limited in my activities given my geographical location, because I live in West Africa, I would like someone to help me find a bank where I can have an...
  20. erni

    Best offshore bank account interest rates ?

    It is really difficult these days to get an offshore account in a bank. I think everyone has figured that out over time. I wonder a bit if it is something that these banks are taking advantage of and if they have any competition parameter at all anymore. I mean, when something is so difficult...
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