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  1. Admin

    EMIs for Large Companies & High Wealth – A Dream Pushing to Become Reality

    EMIs – Electronic Money Institutions – are naturally part of the game when you deal with offshore applications, online work or you simply want to diversify your portfolio a little. There already are a few handy guides regarding the most trustworthy EMIs on the OffshoreCorpTalk forum. If you...
  2. P

    Do I owe tax in a certain country only if I have a bank account there?

    Hello and Merry Christmas!As stupid as this question may sound, I just want to be sure.Imagine the scenario in which I open a bank/EMI account in a foreign country either on my name as physical person, or an account of my company. This country is not my home country, it's not the country in...
  3. M

    Structuring business entity to receive crypto payments as home country has banned exchanges

    Hello,I am new to the forum and this is my first post here, I found this forum while searching for similar solutions. I am looking for particular advice regarding structuring an entity.I am a freelance social media manager and receive monthly payments from a client I work for in crypto...
  4. ImKing

    What offshore company location to apply for EMI ?

    I am looking for a list of offshore company locations in which I can set up a company but where it is also possible to get an EMI account that is functionally reminiscent of WISE.Where could that be ?
  5. DavidS

    EU holding Bank account in USA bank. What are reporting limits?

    If EU citizen has managed to open a bank account in United States with a US address, then what are the reporting, alert limits on this account?So far it has not caused any issues and is processing payments normally and card can be used.But might need to transfer larger sums now and afraid of...
  6. B

    I hope everyone here to share the list of EMI's (crypto-friendly) they know, heard about or use.

    Hello,I hope everyone here shares information about EMI's (crypto-friendly) they know that have good and reliable prices, not very strict, and very friendly with crypto.I hope everyone will participate.Thanks.
  7. B

    Help with opening a bank account (Crypto-friendly)

    Hello,i am from north Africa and i have a company registered in Lithuania as a crypto exchange ( Like a license because there is no license in Lithuania ).I want to get a bank account in "EU" for my company (The bank or "EMI" should be crypto-friendly). Any suggestions please?I know many...
  8. tdk

    Crypto-friendly bank in Spain to facilitate tax payment?

    (New member. Please let me know if I should post this in some other section of the forum. I have checked other people's posts but could not find a solution to my problem)Hi. Spanish citizen here.THE PROBLEM Years ago, living in the UK, I bought BTC on a personal meeting through...
  9. M

    Business bank account for international in & outgoing transfers. [

    I looking for a bank for my new tech company. We'll received and send lot of international transfers (USA & EU). Whats the best choice? What is your advice? Important things: Online onboarding, low nternational in & outgoing transfer fees, security & support. Wise & Revolut not option.
  10. O

    Crypto friendly bank of Europe for Argentine residents?

    Hi, how are things? I am with the following problem:Turns out I'm looking for a crypto-friendly bank or EMI so as not to break out of TransferWise's T&C. Currently I am charging a few dollars for that platform and I would like to transfer it to USDT, but I know that TransferWise prohibits the...
  11. C

    New Member Here to discuss everything Crypto business related

    Hi Guys, New member here suffering from 2 serious afflications (esp for someone in Crypto), but don't hold it against me.I hold a US passport and an Indian OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card.While most of my intentions and journey in the next few months will be dedicated to...
  12. M

    Business bank account for pay per view adult social media website

    Hi guys,Im in big shit and idk what should i do. We create a new pay per view social media website and we allowed adult content. Company created in Estonia. Now i need business bank account, but 100/100 bank rejected bc its high risk. Whats the solution?My company activity: Data processing...
  13. I

    UK Inheritance tax (+offshore investments)

    Hey guys, is there a way to offshore investments to avoid UK IHT tax, preferably without relocation? I have $3m, across a property, ETF's and pension. (All legal) I'd hate giving HMRC $1m or more if something happens to me. I was thinking of setting up a Nevis LLC, owned by a trust, with nominee...
  14. L

    Question Needed account only whit Id identification no biometric and videoveryfication please help can be preapaid

    Needed account only whit Id identification no biometric and videoveryfication please help can be preapaid whit Iban to recive money best regards!!!
  15. S

    What Are Common Banking Solutions For Delaware Companies?

    I'm a non-resident in Delaware and I'm planning to register my second company in this State.I just wonder that how I could manage my business finances such as business transactions or payment receipts from customers. How to open a business account without coming here and passing lots of...
  16. kriyazen

    EMI for an UEA FZ LLC

    Does any of you friendly people know of any EMI that excepts UAE FZ LLC and preferably issues debit cards in Euro? In a nutshell, I'm looking for a Wise Boadersless Business or Revolut Business copycat where I could hold and transact in multiple currencies.Thank you!
  17. OJ333

    Virtual Bank Account For UAE (RAKICC) Company

    Hello, I would like to ask those of you who have experience to point me to a good virtual bank account (think Transferwise borderless before they closed down for UAE) for a company registered in the RAKICC register from UAE (it's address is in Dubai).So far, I have experience with: -...
  18. S

    Question Risks of bank opening with 'improved' documents

    Hi guysStrictly hypothetical question: in Europe, what are risks, for a person tries to open foreign bank account with documents not 100% correct, and if bank notices? Will they only refuse account request, or something worse - sue, complain to police, etc.? (is it a big deal?) Also, do banks...
  19. M

    looking to incorporate and setup bank account

    Hey guysLooking to incorporate and open a bank account remotely. I am an EU citizen and looking for a solution which doesn’t need travelling to open the corporate bank account. Our business is a dropshipping one. Thank you.
  20. C

    Bank Accounts in Mexico

    Any good recommendations for banks in Mexico that can open accs for offshore cos?Thanks.