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  1. T

    Why do Romanian banks ask for an address?

    I moved to Romania two months ago. Even if I rent an apartment here and have a temporary residence permit, all the banks have asked for another address in my home country. Even if I told them, I don't even live there, they just said it didn't matter. Even when the lawyer firm formed the company...
  2. bonox

    Moved to Germany, how to get a german mobile phone number without Lastschrift or Amex?

    The problem is as the following. I moved to Germany for some time, I need a Mobile phone number but I can't get one without a German bank account with lastschrift options. Now I went and downloaded the Diba / Ingh Bank App and it is asking for a German phone number for verification. What the...
  3. K

    How long can a bank hold your money?

    If a bank or EMI holds your money, and requests documents - and if you can't provide them, what will usually happen? The bank eitherway holds your money and/or closes your account. BUT: - How long can a bank legally hold your money? - Can the bank hold your money for ever?
  4. W

    Bank for accepting transfers from Lebanon

    Hello guys and gals, I've recently been presented with an extremely lucrative business opportunity due to the dire humanitarian / financial situation in Lebanon, however I'm having quite a bit of trouble (and lack of connections) in making it work. What I'm looking for (if it even exists) is a...
  5. B

    Starting your own EMI is it profitable business or not?

    Hey folks, I have a friend who asked me about some ides about new projects, and when we were talking, i mentioned to EMIs, opening your own EMI and he really liked it. But i don't have much information about it. As i know it cost up to 1M 1.5M EUR to get your license + compliance ++++ bla bla...
  6. C

    Question Why Passport and not national ID Card?

    I'm wondering why all banks which open accounts remotely/online, require a passport copy. Instead, they could accept a national ID card, not? Do you think, a national ID card would be accepted too, or why is a passport required? I don't see any difference, as usually you need the passport for...
  7. S

    Recruitment Company. Non-resident HK formation? Based in Thailand

    Hi, Currently I'm a newly opened UK recruitment company and looking to incorporate in HK on some advice that it's better for tax. I don't live in the UK and not really a fan of paying taxes there. I also can't get a bank account without living there. Usually I'm based in Thailand, although...
  8. crystalclear

    Stripe Atlas alternatives?

    Good day, OSCT & Co., As we already know, Stripe Atlas lets you open an LLC in Delaware (US) - purely online, without your physical presence. I'm looking for more alternatives, specifically, countries that allow you to open a company + bank account online. If there are some long-time players in...
  9. M

    best offshore +banking options for trading in ASIAN

    Hello I am new baby and looking for best options/experiences to incorporate tax-exempt offshore company and bank account for trading in ASIAN. BVI +Singapore/HK bank Seychelles + Singapore/HK Bank Belize +Singapore/HK ... Please give me an advice.
  10. MiddleEuroAsia

    Anyone know about ?

    Got an invitation to open an account with So I was wondering if anyone know or had any experience with this bank before. Any input would be appreciated! Regards, MEA
  11. clemens

    Where to open a Trust account, which bank?

    I need to open a Trust account for a business transaction. We have sold one of our businesses in the UK. Where would you open a Trust account for such a transaction?
  12. Icandbacc

    Question How are US-Based Puerto Rico Banks "Offshore"?

    For example, checking GK Bank International, with headquarters in San Juan PR -- even mentioning "USA" as Country instead of Puerto Rico on their website, even though it's actually Puerto Rico, I am not quite sure.. There is a difference between USA and Puerto Rico when it comes to...
  13. U

    Question How is a Offshore Company treated regarding CRS?

    If someone has a offshore company, for example in Dubai, and opens a bank account in Seychelles with companies physical address in Portugal (as the offshore company itself has no physical address in the UAE only P.O.), and the 100% shares owner, director and benefical owner (also the one who...
  14. Icandbacc

    Looking for Offshore Bank Account with Debit/Prepaid Card

    Hello, I urgently need a personal offshore bank account. I can maintain a overage balance of 10.000 USD per month, but right now I would not be able to make a initial deposit from my own bank account. It would be possible to make the initial deposit from a third party company (the company...
  15. D

    Bank Account for Cyprus Limited

    Hello, I am a German who has just moved to Cyprus since a few months. When I started my Company here I used as banking service. They had a great banking service until recently they just canceled the companys bank account "because of a new business partner of theirs who has new...
  16. cryptoviking

    Question Wyoming LLC online consulting for non-US residents

    Background info: 1. I am living in Thailand and working online (consulting, coaching). 2. I am looking to set up an easy and effective offshore company for invoices, billing, bank accounts, etc. 3. Personally I also want to get an ITIN for credit score and US credit cards. I am aware that US...
  17. H

    Can anybody recommend a real bank with ~0 monthly fees + remote opening? HK company

    Hi, I registered a company in Hong Kong, applied for a Neat account, and got declined. I specified that I do 1) software development 2) dietary supplement manufacturing and distribution. I have no idea why they declined. I do have an HK company account opened on Payoneer. Currenxie is pending...
  18. James Spader

    Opening A Bank Account In Mauritius – Requirements, Rules, Remote & Face To Face Banking

    Offshore banking comes with pros and cons, depending on where you come from, what jurisdiction you choose and what your goals are. There are plenty of attractive options out there, and tax havens often lead the charts because they cater to foreigners. Now, compared to other concepts related to...
  19. B

    EMI crypto friendly ( NOT THAT STRICT )

    Hey! Are there any recommendations or sugestions for an EMIs that is crypto-friendly but not too strict I know this is a high-risk field and transactions should be scrutinized, but there are some very strict EMIs and it's a pain in the ***, they ask for thousands of customer documents and in...
  20. B

    Australian bank account (crypto firendly)

    Hey eveyone, I have been searching for a way to open an Australian bank account "crypto-friendly", because we sell bitcoin for fiat currencies and we want to add AUD. Is there a bank that offers an Australian bank account "crypto-friendly" and has good prices?