bank account

  1. S

    Costs of opening and running annually bank account

    Hi all, Just wanted to discuss different experience about costs of having a bank account. Looking forward to open Mauritius Bank account and all service providers ask for some money (usually min 400-500 USD) to open account and around the same to run it annually... As i understand first...
  2. alex024

    request to open bank account

    Hello, I am new to the forum, I have a clients (europeen) to whom I open a UK company that also asks me to open a bank, I therefore offer online banking solutions easy to open but my clients do not want to make video conferencing and do not want to move to the bank. I'm looking for one or more...
  3. ruttydm

    Wyoming LLC for dropshipping

    I am a Belgian resident and I'm planning to do dropshipping in the USA. I also have some other websites generating ad revenue. I am planning to create a Wyoming LLC for my business. Is this a good idea? Will this work? I am also planning to buy some rental properties in the USA later and on the...
  4. F

    Discover: Estonian crypto company uses swiss bank account

    Hey folks. Just discovered that nexo .io, crypto loan company registered under Estonian law uses Swiss bank account to accept payments, in particular InCore Bank AG Does anyone hear anything about InCore Bank AG?
  5. Y

    adults pay for turkey

    Hi, I'm living in Turkey and I'm gonna do porn job. But Turkish banks don't accept porn payments. Please advise me a company that I can take payments apart from cosmopayment, epayment, payoneer, paypal, paxum and paysera. And also I want Visa typed a bank card. That will be so good if they're...
  6. malospal

    (Crypto) Singapore company remote opening?

    Hello friends Help me please. I have Singapore company with Australian UBO. The company uses the web platform for Crypto trading of personal funds. I need crypto friendly bank or EMI with remote opening
  7. M

    Business account for US LLC - ecommerce & NRA

    Hi, I've been stuck for almost a month now on this very problem so any help would be very damn much appreciated . SO , basically : I live in EU incorporated a US LLC as i plan to do business in the US exclusively as of now Business through e-commerce & 3pl fulfillment service . Type ...
  8. G

    Company formation in Armenia

    Hi! Does anybody know any trust worthy company/lawyer that would setup a company in Armenia with nominees? How is banking there? Do they open accounts if there is no economic substance in Armenia?
  9. E

    share your feedbacks on two banks: CIM Banque & Alfallah Bank (Dubai)

    Dear all, Trying to open the bank account for my UAE free zone company and looking for your experience and feedback for two banks that i am negotiating. 1. CIM Banque; 2. Alfallah Bank (Dubai branches) - compared to other banks in Dubai this bank agree to open account for our company. Thank...
  10. MrTony

    Bank account for Georgian company

    Hi! Maybe someone has experienced by opening a bank account for Georgian IT company in the banks, which is not located in Georgia. If someone has such experience please share.
  11. JohnDoe123

    Offshore Bank Account for Forex Trading

    Hi, I am new to the forum and just need some information. I am moving a lot and want to open a bank account in USD, primarily for forex trading. Most brokers should accept the country where this bank account is based and of course I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for fees. I will probably...
  12. M

    Offshore company with bank account

    Dear All, I would like to form a company with a following specs: The product is a self made aluminium parts (special parts for diff cartypes). The costumer will be located in the EU , so most of the costumers will pay with paypal in EUR. ( need a bank account) There is no need for import...
  13. E

    How or where to open bank account for Dubai free zone company

    Hello all, Possibly my problem is not new for this forum and it was asked earlier but due to my low experience in offshore questions i need help. In the beginning of 2019 i opened company in UAE Rakez free zone (FZE) and everything goes well till my first attempt to register the bank account...
  14. W

    Personal Bank account in Czech Republic

    Is there any bank in Czech Republic that open personal account only with the passport to non resident?
  15. F

    UK PayPal with online bank access

    Hi I'm spreading the word on behalf of my supplier as I see alot of people are struggling. I've been a longtime buyer from my supp and regurlarly purchase through telegram but you can also get at him on bitify and use escrow. You get UK PayPal account thats mobile, email, bank confirmed so the...
  16. V

    Bank that accepts gambling

    Licensed bitcoin casino in Curacao is searching for Bank that accepts companies in gambling niche. Can anyone suggest a Bank that's reliable and suit our needs?
  17. fuorissimo

    Offshore and bank account, to sell crypto: help me

    Hi everyone, I live in Europe. I have about $ 1 million in Litecoin, which I bought in 2014, and I don't want to get caught by the tax authorities. Initially I decided to use this scheme: (1) BVI + NOMINEE DIRECTOR (and POA)> EPB bank account> debit card I would sell the Litecoins through...
  18. C

    Opening a bank account in Estonian Bank

    Do you have any recent experiences with opening a bank account for 1. local comapnies 2. Estonian branches of foreign companies 3. foreign companies in Estonian banks ? Should the business ties be evidenced or are there any special requirements to be met for successful opening? If not Estonian...
  19. Butcher82

    Mauritius banks - any experience?

    Hi, I am considering opening a corporate account there. Has anyone used any banks from Mauritius? How long did your account opening take? How long did you wait for a card? Are they slow to react to questions? ange¤%& Do they receive and send funds from and to Europe fine? ;) Thanks for...
  20. My name is Nessuno

    Trustcom financial any advice?

    Someone have an account with this bank based in Lithuania? Is it reliable?