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  1. S

    What Are Common Banking Solutions For Delaware Companies?

    I'm a non-resident in Delaware and I'm planning to register my second company in this State. I just wonder that how I could manage my business finances such as business transactions or payment receipts from customers. How to open a business account without coming here and passing lots of...
  2. kriyazen

    EMI for an UEA FZ LLC

    Does any of you friendly people know of any EMI that excepts UAE FZ LLC and preferably issues debit cards in Euro? In a nutshell, I'm looking for a Wise Boadersless Business or Revolut Business copycat where I could hold and transact in multiple currencies. Thank you!
  3. OJ333

    Virtual Bank Account For UAE (RAKICC) Company

    Hello, I would like to ask those of you who have experience to point me to a good virtual bank account (think Transferwise borderless before they closed down for UAE) for a company registered in the RAKICC register from UAE (it's address is in Dubai). So far, I have experience with: -...
  4. S

    Question Risks of bank opening with 'improved' documents

    Hi guys Strictly hypothetical question: in Europe, what are risks, for a person tries to open foreign bank account with documents not 100% correct, and if bank notices? Will they only refuse account request, or something worse - sue, complain to police, etc.? (is it a big deal?) Also, do banks...
  5. M

    looking to incorporate and setup bank account

    Hey guys Looking to incorporate and open a bank account remotely. I am an EU citizen and looking for a solution which doesn’t need travelling to open the corporate bank account. Our business is a dropshipping one. Thank you.
  6. C

    Bank Accounts in Mexico

    Any good recommendations for banks in Mexico that can open accs for offshore cos? Thanks.
  7. O

    Which bank for a deposit around 1.2-1.5 million USD?

    Hi, I’ve just joined the group and this is my First time post. I am in the process of selling my ecommerce business for more than a million. I am looking for a multi currency bank(or at least a US dollar account) where i can store these funds for a while. what are your suggestions? I was...
  8. cryptoviking

    Non US-citizen: How do I open a US bank account?

    Some background that might help: I value my privacy and have a good portion of my net worth in crypto. I got various EMI accounts (Revolut, Wise, etc.) I am a tax resident and live in Thailand and travel a lot as I make my earnings outside Thailand (some in the US). I have been looking into...
  9. B

    Offshore Company in RAK zone UAE + Bank account help

    Hey everyone, a friend of mine currently sells items on Amazon and eBay, I have been speaking with a company in the UAE that have suggested I open a RAK Company with the cost for company formation and bank account opening assistance at approximately £1,800 and then a yearly fee of £1000, the...
  10. M

    Question Cash-equivalent investment

    Hi, If you have a sum that you want to keep safe, by investing it somehow as an alternative to a current account, without investing it into equity/bonds - any suggestions? Since the sum is more than the bank deosit guarantee (100k eur), a current account is risky. First priority is funds...
  11. M

    Question Private banking - 7/8 figures, white and safe

    Hi, I’m looking for a new home for my ETF holdings that have a 7-8 figure worth in EUR - currently it’s with an online broker but it’s not as financially stable as a brick and mortar bank, although has better fees - but I’m willing to pay in fees if it means my funds are secure. I was thinking...
  12. K

    finding bank who not cancel acc after a few payments

    Hi, i finding crypto friendly bank who dont cancel account after received a few payments. I tried a lot of banks but everyone ask documents or straight cancel account. Why this emi banks are created if after a few payments blocked accounts? I know AML but must be bank who is "more liberty"...
  13. Y

    Is Bankera good for Interactive Brokers

    I have an IBKR stock trading account and I'm facing slippage of around 9% in forex conversion while depositing funds and withdrawing profits into my local bank account. As brokers don't allow deposits from EMIs and third-party payments, I'm kinda confused whether I should open a Bankera account...
  14. uplana

    UK LTD and EU citizen, any tax benefit?

    I have wondered if it might pay off for me to set up a company in the UK, get it to invoice all customers, get my Swedish company to invoice the English and then avoid paying Swedish corporation tax. I have with great enthusiasm read the article in mentor group gold which explains all the...
  15. L

    Bank Account (Argentine Pesos) ARS

    Hello i have some business in Argentina and i need to open a Bank Account that accept ARS(Argentine Pesos) in and out. is it possible to have it without be resident or have a physical company there. thanks everyone
  16. G

    Bank Account for Delaware company in the cannabis Industry

    Dear forum users, we are searching for a bank account for our LLC company that is registered in Delaware, to make it more complex we have a company that is advertising cannabis-related companies like dispensaries, cannabis tour operators as well other cannabis/CBD-related companies. We do not...
  17. T

    Eur bank account for USA LLC

    Hello, I need a EUR bank account/EMI for my USA LLC. This account must not be restricted to SEPA payment, it must support wire from outside Europe - No Payoneer. TW - Borderless was great, but they closed my account after 2 years. TW no longer an option. I am basically looking for a TW...
  18. marlinpro

    Revolut - N26 - Bitcoin for people not living in Europe anymore

    Hey guys, Is there anyone out there using any electronic bank like Revolut or N26 even though they are no longer European residents? I am planning to leave Europe and I wonder if they actively check if you are still a resident or not. I could keep an active address in Europe but I guess that...
  19. barto44

    Bank account UK (personal) with multiple/virtual IBANs

    Looking for a personal bank account (UK), which have the ability to create multiple IBAN UK for the same account. This without having to create a new account within the same bank to have a different / new IBAN and having to pay the maintenance fee for each of them.
  20. lrotter

    SEPA to SWIFT gateways

    Hello members :) I have several clients dealing with financial services and acting as financial institutions. All of them are HK, Singapore, Brazil and South Africa registered. They have opened Sepa and Swift accounts for processing clients funds (accounts are non-dedicated for their clients...
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