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  1. DavidS

    [2023] Best jurisdiction for IT company & bank account with 2 RU shareholders and 1 EU shareholder?

    Need to find a solid, preferably relatively neutral jurisdiction for IT company with 2 RU shareholders and 1 EU shareholder. Armenia, Kazakhstan, which others? How complex will it be to get a bank account for said company?
  2. Z

    Question Looking for a crypto-friendly location and a bank that allows FIAT to CRYPTO

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum I want to open a firm that will receive SWIFT USD transfers from licensed virtual asset operators in Kyrgyzstan (they can provide proof of funds and other required documents) and then send USD SWIFT transfers to crypto exchanges (mainly Kraken) to buy USDT...
  3. Peter Cooper

    Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread! Business bank account opening for forex, crypto and gaming companies (high risk)

    Fintech Harbor team serves multiple corporate clients in numerous jurisdictions. In our daily work, we open business accounts around the globe. Thus, we know the nuances of modern legislation, help our customers meet all compliance requirements, and provide comprehensive responses to requests...
  4. T

    Any NexPay feedback?

    Hello, Do you have an account with Nexpay EMI? please share your experience with them. Are they strict and asking for every single payments or not? for receiving payments from clients (crypto business) Thanks!
  5. T

    Traditional Bank for Crypto User

    Greetings all, I was desperately searching for a good and stable traditional bank account that I could use as a cash deposit. I've seen that EMIs lock users out of their platforms too often and I needed insurance on the money. The money comes from crypto but it's 100% clean. What would you...
  6. T

    Intergiro - do you have an account with them?

    Hello, I noticed that there is a lot of talk about this EMI "Intergiro", so I did some research and found that they accept crypto business. So I want to know (for those who already have an account with them), do they really accept crypto business? I do not mean to send and receive from the...
  7. G

    Chinese Yuan banking in Russia

    A lot of members here including MA have mentioned banking, storing wealth in Yuan, having access to the CIPs system. As of today, Moscow becomes No.4 offshore trading centre for yuan lagging only Hong Kong, Britain and Singapore...
  8. T

    Going to the U.S to open a business bank account

    Hi all - I have a U.S LLC incorporated in Delaware since 2019. I am a non U.S resident/ nor citizen. So far, I've been using a mix of EMI and Neo bank to receive money from my clients and it has been working pretty well. However, I am flying to the U.S in a few month and I would like to take...
  9. A

    Sterling payment Service HK block your money

    Hello, My company have an account in 1sterling.com Sterling payment service based in HK, I try to send the transfer 100k, to an Europe account 1 month ago. Before they validate my transfer Im waiting more than 2 weeks, "due" to the compliance form, and after they requested a lot of document...
  10. spacely

    Proof of funds for a nominee?

    Hey guys! I am curious to know about any potential workarounds for a proof of funds option for a nominee while opening a Bank or an EMI account nowadays since this document is among the essential ones needed for that. If there are none, does it mean that opening a bank account on a traditional...
  11. V

    BANK ACCOUNT + point of sale (POS) terminal !

    If there is someone who can explain and help me, I AM SENDING CRYPTO ( for gratitude ) I want to open an offshore company + bank account. The peculiarity is that I must have a point of sale (POS) terminal ! Must work with Chip and PIN I want to receive payments directly .. through the...
  12. 1trcroco

    Merchant API Active Revolut Business Account

    Hii guys Im new to this greatest forum I need to open a revolut business account for withdrawal as a online seller, Any one can share the method how to open a stealth revolut business acc any ideas how bypass selfi verfication Sincerly
  13. J

    Corporate bank account for Forex company with VFSC

    Hello everyone. Do you know which banks are willing to accept forex company for corporate bank account? Our forex company has VFSC license (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) and we want to open corporate bank accounts. However, we still have no idea which bank will accept us. Does...
  14. T

    Why do Romanian banks ask for an address?

    I moved to Romania two months ago. Even if I rent an apartment here and have a temporary residence permit, all the banks have asked for another address in my home country. Even if I told them, I don't even live there, they just said it didn't matter. Even when the lawyer firm formed the company...
  15. bonox

    Moved to Germany, how to get a german mobile phone number without Lastschrift or Amex?

    The problem is as the following. I moved to Germany for some time, I need a Mobile phone number but I can't get one without a German bank account with lastschrift options. Now I went and downloaded the Diba / Ingh Bank App and it is asking for a German phone number for verification. What the...
  16. K

    How long can a bank hold your money?

    If a bank or EMI holds your money, and requests documents - and if you can't provide them, what will usually happen? The bank eitherway holds your money and/or closes your account. BUT: - How long can a bank legally hold your money? - Can the bank hold your money for ever?
  17. W

    Bank for accepting transfers from Lebanon

    Hello guys and gals, I've recently been presented with an extremely lucrative business opportunity due to the dire humanitarian / financial situation in Lebanon, however I'm having quite a bit of trouble (and lack of connections) in making it work. What I'm looking for (if it even exists) is a...
  18. B

    Starting your own EMI is it profitable business or not?

    Hey folks, I have a friend who asked me about some ides about new projects, and when we were talking, i mentioned to EMIs, opening your own EMI and he really liked it. But i don't have much information about it. As i know it cost up to 1M 1.5M EUR to get your license + compliance ++++ bla bla...
  19. C

    Question Why Passport and not national ID Card?

    I'm wondering why all banks which open accounts remotely/online, require a passport copy. Instead, they could accept a national ID card, not? Do you think, a national ID card would be accepted too, or why is a passport required? I don't see any difference, as usually you need the passport for...
  20. S

    Recruitment Company. Non-resident HK formation? Based in Thailand

    Hi, Currently I'm a newly opened UK recruitment company and looking to incorporate in HK on some advice that it's better for tax. I don't live in the UK and not really a fan of paying taxes there. I also can't get a bank account without living there. Usually I'm based in Thailand, although...