bank account

  1. B

    Bank account for limperian company

    Hello I have a Liberian company and i find difficulties for open a usd account Could you please tell me if there is a bank for this case? Thanks
  2. MrTony

    Bank/EMI account for accepting C2B payments

    Hi, members! Looking for the next decision: Bank or EMI account for the offshore company, which allows accepting funds from clients-natural persons (C2B payments) by wire transfers. For example, we have gambling/binary/FX website, which allows clients to deposit their accounts by different...
  3. F

    Where to temporarily put illegally obtained money

    Hello everyone, hypothetically speaking I wanted to know just out of curiosity how a person should move to convert to Monero illegally obtained money. Starting from the fact that the money will have to be received in a European bank account and the goal of the person is to make them in...
  4. Z

    EMI or Bank account for Scottish LP to pay suppliers

    I am looking for EMI or a Bank account to do regular payouts to our suppliers, 50-500€ per payment. API integration to send payments would be preferred. Funds would be coming from legitimate online business' merchant accounts. Currently using Mistertango but need an alternative. Transferwise...
  5. J

    EMI / Bank Account for an UK LLP with an Offshore Partner

    Hi guys, we have a small UK LLP with two partners - one is an individual, another one is a Belize IBC. We are providing IT services for german business partner Currently we have a paysera account, but yesterday we have received following email: we would like to inform you that as the...
  6. O

    Belize IBC + St Lucia bank account + residency in the Bahamas

    Hello, I am happy to join this community after so many hours reading the content of this forum. I think I am pretty much ready to start writing the offshore chapter of my business story but I would like to have more experienced people's feedback or point of view in case I have missed anything...
  7. C

    Any European banks that allow adult business?

    Specifically advertising escort services. I know using a cover business is one way, but perhaps it's not necessary?
  8. S

    US LLC and EU bank account

    Hi all Does anyone know what the possibilities are to open a EU bank account for a US LLC? Note: I am no US resident or citizen.
  9. O

    Best Bank Account Option for Hong Kong OffShore Company?

    Hello everybody, I'm having some trouble in opening a corporate bank account for my Hong Kong Company. Does anyone knows another good and reliable offshore country in which it's easy to open a offshore, 0% taxation, bank account? I sell products and services through ecommerce all over the...
  10. B

    Delaware LLC + UK/HK bank account

    Hello everyone. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who keeps this forum so informative and useful. Let me cut to the chase. I am looking for options to establish a Delaware LLC (not a concern) and a UK/HK bank account in order to conduct completely legal commodities trading (sourced mostly...
  11. H

    The best bank for Seychelles company?

    Hello, Can you please recommend me a bank for Seychelles company with whom you have good experience? I was using LeuPay / LeoPay, but they closed my account as many others here.. I need a bank account in Euro, if you also know about some bank account in a CZK currency, let me know. Thank...
  12. A

    Need bank account for crypto-currency trading

    I trade crypto-currencies in multiple exchange. And on a daily basis there are trasnfers of $50-100k. I plan to increase these. Currently I have been using MT But based on reviews from other people , I believe I should open an account with proper bank. I am thinking of Fidor (Uk or Germany)...
  13. F

    What basic requirements for Offshore bank in Bahamas?

    Someone know what the basic requirements are for opening a bank account with a bank in Bahamas? Over XMas I plan to travel to the Bahamas for holidays, however, now I'm there I want to drop in to some of the banks there to see if it's possible to open a bank account for me personally or my...
  14. Honest Junior

    Bank account for British LTD

    Good day! Please advise - in which bank I can open an account, for a company registered in the UK - LTD with a real beneficiary - a citizen of Ukraine or the Russian Federation? Type of activity of the company - IT. I need good support, adequate service - electronic banking, and remote account...
  15. S

    Anonymous payment accounts

    Hi, I am in need of anonymous payment accounts, preferably skrill, but also bank accounts. Is it possible to fully verify skrill, PayPal and bank accounts with darks? Is there anyone in the mentor group with a method to go through the selfie verification process at skrill?
  16. Dubsize

    Reviews about rtrsupportslimited

    hi all, Found this website surfing the internet : Offshore Company & Bank Account Setup, Merchant Account Services They claim they can open a bank account in the U.K for Corp. Anyone has experience with them ? Thanks
  17. Dubsize

    Bank account for UK LTD

    Hi All, what's the best juridiction to open a bank account for a U.K LTD? or the best EMI? For info - i'm not a U.K citizen nor Resident. I am french. this account would receive 1 wire a month from a U.S company and money would come from their U.S bank account. The amount of this wire is...
  18. J

    PortoRico Banks, The Best, The good and the Ugly

    Dear All, Today one company offered us a bank in PortoRico called FACEBANK.PR Bank site look unprofessional. but they accept all around the world. What do you know about banking system there? have you heard about this bank? Regards
  19. MrTony

    FX brokers as banks

    Could somebody tell how to use banks, which involved in FX activity? Could we use them as usual banks for accepting funds from counterparts and payment of invoices? Here some examples of such banks: Saxo Bank, Swissquote, IG Bank, Dukascopy.
  20. negon

    Mister Tango Supports Belize & Seychelles corps?

    Hi Guys, I'm reading a lot of information about Mister Tango and came to the below URL: Unsupported countries : Mistertango Support Center MT claims they accept pretty much every country except the countries on the list at the above link! I went to their support and asked them directly, they...