bank account

  1. E

    How or where to open bank account for Dubai free zone company

    Hello all, Possibly my problem is not new for this forum and it was asked earlier but due to my low experience in offshore questions i need help. In the beginning of 2019 i opened company in UAE Rakez free zone (FZE) and everything goes well till my first attempt to register the bank account...
  2. W

    Personal Bank account in Czech Republic

    Is there any bank in Czech Republic that open personal account only with the passport to non resident?
  3. F

    UK PayPal with online bank access

    Hi I'm spreading the word on behalf of my supplier as I see alot of people are struggling. I've been a longtime buyer from my supp and regurlarly purchase through telegram but you can also get at him on bitify and use escrow. You get UK PayPal account thats mobile, email, bank confirmed so the...
  4. V

    Bank that accepts gambling

    Licensed bitcoin casino in Curacao is searching for Bank that accepts companies in gambling niche. Can anyone suggest a Bank that's reliable and suit our needs?
  5. fuorissimo

    Offshore and bank account, to sell crypto: help me

    Hi everyone, I live in Europe. I have about $ 1 million in Litecoin, which I bought in 2014, and I don't want to get caught by the tax authorities. Initially I decided to use this scheme: (1) BVI + NOMINEE DIRECTOR (and POA)> EPB bank account> debit card I would sell the Litecoins through...
  6. C

    Opening a bank account in Estonian Bank

    Do you have any recent experiences with opening a bank account for 1. local comapnies 2. Estonian branches of foreign companies 3. foreign companies in Estonian banks ? Should the business ties be evidenced or are there any special requirements to be met for successful opening? If not Estonian...
  7. Butcher82

    Mauritius banks - any experience?

    Hi, I am considering opening a corporate account there. Has anyone used any banks from Mauritius? How long did your account opening take? How long did you wait for a card? Are they slow to react to questions? ange¤%& Do they receive and send funds from and to Europe fine? ;) Thanks for...
  8. My name is Nessuno

    Trustcom financial any advice?

    Someone have an account with this bank based in Lithuania? Is it reliable?
  9. João Silva

    Any help openning account in N26

    Hi, I just want a second cheap bank account outside my country, 5 banks in my country have 4/5 of all deposits (almost monopoly). Nowdays there some digital banks here but they not soo reliable as I initially thought. I know that some people here opened one account using fake GPS/IP and a...
  10. Z

    Panama Bank Account ( Possibly active account)

    Hello, So currently we are seeking to set up a Panama bank account we already have a Panama company , but we are struggling to set up the corporate account. I am aware that now its harder after Panama papers and obviously compliance gets harder every year as do the regulations, however we have...
  11. E

    Any trustworthy list of Offshore Company & bank service providers?

    Hi, new here and don't know if there's already an open thread regarding this, but I didn't find any specific. So to my question, I'would like to open an offshore company and bank acc, but with so many service providers being entitled as scams I don't know where to go. I've seen some people here...
  12. M

    Is there any exch. service provides bank acc. and send it via btc?

    Sorry for noob question I need a exchange service which provides bank acc to receive payments from online company and then can send it to me via btc is there any service provides this?
  13. K

    Is Leopay still working with old account holders ?

    Hello, As some of you know, Leopay (leupay) they changed their policy in regards to what countries they accept to do business with. I was using my account & their credit card for quite sometime until i received their email about this policy change on October 2018 saying that my account will be...
  14. B

    Bank account for limperian company

    Hello I have a Liberian company and i find difficulties for open a usd account Could you please tell me if there is a bank for this case? Thanks
  15. MrTony

    Bank/EMI account for accepting C2B payments

    Hi, members! Looking for the next decision: Bank or EMI account for the offshore company, which allows accepting funds from clients-natural persons (C2B payments) by wire transfers. For example, we have gambling/binary/FX website, which allows clients to deposit their accounts by different...
  16. F

    Where to temporarily put illegally obtained money

    Hello everyone, hypothetically speaking I wanted to know just out of curiosity how a person should move to convert to Monero illegally obtained money. Starting from the fact that the money will have to be received in a European bank account and the goal of the person is to make them in...
  17. Z

    EMI or Bank account for Scottish LP to pay suppliers

    I am looking for EMI or a Bank account to do regular payouts to our suppliers, 50-500€ per payment. API integration to send payments would be preferred. Funds would be coming from legitimate online business' merchant accounts. Currently using Mistertango but need an alternative. Transferwise...
  18. J

    EMI / Bank Account for an UK LLP with an Offshore Partner

    Hi guys, we have a small UK LLP with two partners - one is an individual, another one is a Belize IBC. We are providing IT services for german business partner Currently we have a paysera account, but yesterday we have received following email: we would like to inform you that as the...
  19. O

    Belize IBC + St Lucia bank account + residency in the Bahamas

    Hello, I am happy to join this community after so many hours reading the content of this forum. I think I am pretty much ready to start writing the offshore chapter of my business story but I would like to have more experienced people's feedback or point of view in case I have missed anything...
  20. C

    Any European banks that allow adult business?

    Specifically advertising escort services. I know using a cover business is one way, but perhaps it's not necessary?