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  1. F

    jurisdiction for crypto trading

    Good Day! We want to set up a crypto trading company. We trade on top crypto exchanges: binance, bitfinex, bitmex, kraken and other as private persons. We make arbitrage and algorithmic strategies. We have no clients and we don’t plan to provide any services. So our business model is to do...
  2. E

    Need a bank that will bridge wire transfers between banks

    I need help finding a bank that's willing to "bridge" wire transfers, by which I mean receiving $X money and then wiring that same $X to another bank account. My money is legit and I'm not running away from the tax man, so I'm fine with CRS. I don't use corporate vehicles, I have the accounts in...
  3. C

    [Question] Not CRS reporting?

    As I understand, the CRS is the system that report all my activity about money-transfer and such to my country, and I am trying to avoid this. Any tips for a bank account I can use that do not report under CRS?
  4. clemens

    Company in Georgia + Bank Account + PayPal possible?

    I already have a company in Georgia (Republic) and a TransferWise account, it works really well. But I would like a real bank account and a PayPal account. Does anyone know if this is possible? It should preferably be without a visit by the bank, a PoA or similar contract is just the same for...
  5. V

    Bank account for Cayman Islands company

    Hi, I am looking to open a bank account for Cayman Island company which me and my partners opened 4 months back. We have been trying for last 2 months But haven't received any success yet. Euro Pacific bank is Puerto Rico declined us because of our investor is US citizen. For us, any bank...
  6. E

    Offshore Company / Offshore Bank Account / Payment Gateway

    Hello good afternoon, I have some questions that may help me with the commercial part I will start to selling computer licenses through the internet, by e-commerce. I am seeing where it is convenient to open an offshore company (I was thinking of Hong Kong or Seychelles) at the same time...
  7. MrTony

    Migom Bank (Dominica)

    Hi, guys! I received the proposal by the opening of a bank account in another Dominica`s bank - Migom Bank Ltd. Do you have any experience with account opening or working with this bank?
  8. J

    Fast track to a Company + SEPA bank account

    Hello folks, since I am new to this Forum, I don´t know if my questions below are listed correctly. Here is the issue: I have several German companies, but I cant get a bank account for them, since I don´t support video chat and / or personal visits ;-) What I have is several passport scans...
  9. S

    Offshore providers and banking, an inside review

    A humble opinion from a professional with 13 years of experience working for different law firms and last 3 years with a bank It is really funny to read comments and threads of users reviewing corporate services providers, introducers and banks around the world. It is quite easy to spread...
  10. K

    Please urgent advice needed - US LLC NM - FR

    Dear Forum, I really need advice here as i started to be really under pressure by time: Business : Website selling enrollment fees to sell Sports forecast/odds/advice, The website is under construction and will be in .com Customers: EU Steps : Here the troubles come, i'm a French National...
  11. B

    Questions about Bank account and Company

    Hello, i came across this forum yesterday. I am looking for reliable providers for 2 colleagues. We need 1x Personal Bank Account and 1x Company with Bank account. Is there a reliable provider? Thanks and best regards Marc
  12. S

    Costs of opening and running annually bank account

    Hi all, Just wanted to discuss different experience about costs of having a bank account. Looking forward to open Mauritius Bank account and all service providers ask for some money (usually min 400-500 USD) to open account and around the same to run it annually... As i understand first...
  13. alex024

    request to open bank account

    Hello, I am new to the forum, I have a clients (europeen) to whom I open a UK company that also asks me to open a bank, I therefore offer online banking solutions easy to open but my clients do not want to make video conferencing and do not want to move to the bank. I'm looking for one or more...
  14. ruttydm

    Wyoming LLC for dropshipping

    I am a Belgian resident and I'm planning to do dropshipping in the USA. I also have some other websites generating ad revenue. I am planning to create a Wyoming LLC for my business. Is this a good idea? Will this work? I am also planning to buy some rental properties in the USA later and on the...
  15. F

    Discover: Estonian crypto company uses swiss bank account

    Hey folks. Just discovered that nexo .io, crypto loan company registered under Estonian law uses Swiss bank account to accept payments, in particular InCore Bank AG Does anyone hear anything about InCore Bank AG?
  16. Y

    adults pay for turkey

    Hi, I'm living in Turkey and I'm gonna do porn job. But Turkish banks don't accept porn payments. Please advise me a company that I can take payments apart from cosmopayment, epayment, payoneer, paypal, paxum and paysera. And also I want Visa typed a bank card. That will be so good if they're...
  17. malospal

    (Crypto) Singapore company remote opening?

    Hello friends Help me please. I have Singapore company with Australian UBO. The company uses the web platform for Crypto trading of personal funds. I need crypto friendly bank or EMI with remote opening
  18. M

    Business account for US LLC - ecommerce & NRA

    Hi, I've been stuck for almost a month now on this very problem so any help would be very damn much appreciated . SO , basically : I live in EU incorporated a US LLC as i plan to do business in the US exclusively as of now Business through e-commerce & 3pl fulfillment service . Type ...
  19. G

    Company formation in Armenia

    Hi! Does anybody know any trust worthy company/lawyer that would setup a company in Armenia with nominees? How is banking there? Do they open accounts if there is no economic substance in Armenia?
  20. E

    share your feedbacks on two banks: CIM Banque & Alfallah Bank (Dubai)

    Dear all, Trying to open the bank account for my UAE free zone company and looking for your experience and feedback for two banks that i am negotiating. 1. CIM Banque; 2. Alfallah Bank (Dubai branches) - compared to other banks in Dubai this bank agree to open account for our company. Thank...
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