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  1. M

    iban SEPA for non-resident

    Hello dear sir, I have a concern and I will need your help, I am a self-employed person, and most of my services are in Europe, however, I am limited in my activities given my geographical location, because I live in West Africa, I would like someone to help me find a bank where I can have an...
  2. erni

    Best offshore bank account interest rates ?

    It is really difficult these days to get an offshore account in a bank. I think everyone has figured that out over time. I wonder a bit if it is something that these banks are taking advantage of and if they have any competition parameter at all anymore. I mean, when something is so difficult...
  3. W

    Bank Accounts for Seychelles Offshore/IBC [2020 and 2021]

    Did anyone of you guys manage to open a bank account for an IBC/Offshore Company registered in Seychelles? (With and without an EU passport). I know it's hard getting accounts in Seychelles, so what are the options? I am an EU passport holder but recently got a passport in another country...
  4. EliasIT

    How to create an anonymous bank account for PayPal?

    Can someone please enlight me to how I can setup some anonymous bank account or EMI that will work wonders with PayPal stealth accounts? I really need a finish solution, I found already something in the MG group but I don't figure it out how to do it myself.
  5. H

    Semi-anonymous bank account?

    Cheers! Looking for online banking service with simple ID verification. Not possible to connect a local bank account, video or bulletproof verification methods. Selfie + ID is OK. Preferably with debit card too. Any ideas? PM me with useful information and I'll reward you. Thanks!
  6. clemens

    What real bank or EMI?

    I would like to get a thread here that could give a picture of which bank or EMI is the absolute easiest to open an account in! You can either use the Poll below or just post what you have to say below.
  7. N

    What bank accounts/EMIs are available for Non-EEA-US Nationals/Residents owning a UK LTD

    Hello there ! I have recently opened a UK LTD for my eCommerce business as a non EEA-US national/resident. In the effort of not putting all my eggs into one basket, I'm trying to diversify my payment options. I already have a Transferwise Business Account and I'm looking for other Online banks...
  8. K

    Offshore to hide ownership with ITA residence

    Hello guys! I am going to start dating (possibly adult) business and I have a question. I am reading the forum some days and many questions are clear to my but some stays. Website that I am going to use is not a legit copy, so I want to hide the owner of it from public, but as all psp require to...
  9. bastard

    Someone knows WorldRemit?

    I just fall over this service International Money Transfers - Send Money Online in Google and was wondering if someone know about this service and if it is reliable? For me it looks like just another EMI but they can transfer money in 50 currencies as they advertise which make it a little...
  10. Ryanab

    Avoid CRS REPORTING with N26

    Hey offshore community, this is by no mean an advice but I noticed something very interesting with N26, they let you change your TAX resdiency country and TIN (Tax identification number) so they ask these infos to every customer and they clearly specify it's for CRS reporting reasons ( Why we...
  11. atefa2009

    i need bank account support swift transfer

    Hi, I am working with my team in forex trading for a company like,, and etc. I have a problem to withdraw profit using wire transfer with multiple clients. the bank must have this requirement:- - support swift transfer to get payment for Australia and spea zone...
  12. K

    Issues with transferwise, looking for alternatives

    Long story short, transferwise decided to close both my business and personal accounts beginning of July, just as I was about to receive huge client payments too... after messaging them for weeks they finally replied back saying they will return the money, BUT only to a bank account with the...
  13. M

    Possibility of bank account or EMI account

    Hi. I am thinking about forming an offshore company in Belize. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this because I want to open one or more bank accounts connected to this company. Can anyone tell me what the possibilities are of me being able to open an offshore bank account...
  14. F

    jurisdiction for crypto trading

    Good Day! We want to set up a crypto trading company. We trade on top crypto exchanges: binance, bitfinex, bitmex, kraken and other as private persons. We make arbitrage and algorithmic strategies. We have no clients and we don’t plan to provide any services. So our business model is to do...
  15. E

    Need a bank that will bridge wire transfers between banks

    I need help finding a bank that's willing to "bridge" wire transfers, by which I mean receiving $X money and then wiring that same $X to another bank account. My money is legit and I'm not running away from the tax man, so I'm fine with CRS. I don't use corporate vehicles, I have the accounts in...
  16. C

    [Question] Not CRS reporting?

    As I understand, the CRS is the system that report all my activity about money-transfer and such to my country, and I am trying to avoid this. Any tips for a bank account I can use that do not report under CRS?
  17. clemens

    Company in Georgia + Bank Account + PayPal possible?

    I already have a company in Georgia (Republic) and a TransferWise account, it works really well. But I would like a real bank account and a PayPal account. Does anyone know if this is possible? It should preferably be without a visit by the bank, a PoA or similar contract is just the same for...
  18. V

    Bank account for Cayman Islands company

    Hi, I am looking to open a bank account for Cayman Island company which me and my partners opened 4 months back. We have been trying for last 2 months But haven't received any success yet. Euro Pacific bank is Puerto Rico declined us because of our investor is US citizen. For us, any bank...
  19. E

    Offshore Company / Offshore Bank Account / Payment Gateway

    Hello good afternoon, I have some questions that may help me with the commercial part I will start to selling computer licenses through the internet, by e-commerce. I am seeing where it is convenient to open an offshore company (I was thinking of Hong Kong or Seychelles) at the same time...
  20. MrTony

    Migom Bank (Dominica)

    Hi, guys! I received the proposal by the opening of a bank account in another Dominica`s bank - Migom Bank Ltd. Do you have any experience with account opening or working with this bank?
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