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  1. PaulKruger

    Anchorage Electronic Money Institution becomes first Crypto Bank!

    Anchorage Digital Bank becomes the first cryptocurrency bank in the USA, regulated by the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) They become the first national digital asset bank (cryptocurrency bank) in the U.S. What do you think, will the USA be the first mover again in...
  2. Admin

    Electronic Money Institution

    An Electronic Money Institution is often confused with a bank. This article will discuss what an Electronic Money Institution is, its difference from a bank, and how it generally works. What is an Electronic Money Institution? An Electronic Money Institution is an establishment that supplies a...
  3. C

    Crypto Liquidation.

    Let's say I made a fair amount of profit from crypto and would like to liquidate to fiat... however CGT is ridiculous here in the UK which is just off putting, I have been living off these profits as well as "hodling" my crypto and just cashing it out p2p into my bank account which has been...
  4. E

    Problem with payment!

    hi group! I have an inconvenience... I have my ecommerce(wordpress + woocommerce) registered in the US, using Stripe as a payment processor, selling digital books ... everything works well if I process payments for example from Europe ... But, when I want to receive payments from Latin...
  5. michael2137

    Bank account just for 1 transfer

    Hello, I would like to start selling on 1 webiste and they require to make a verification transfer of small amount from a REAL bank account and then the funds can be withdrew to EMI like revolut. So I need to open a bank account for a UK LTD company just to make 1 transfer and then I will close...
  6. MrTony

    Migom Bank (Dominica)

    Hi, guys! I received the proposal by the opening of a bank account in another Dominica`s bank - Migom Bank Ltd. Do you have any experience with account opening or working with this bank?
  7. J

    New here - apologies if I sound stupid

    Hi all, I've been trying to absorb all the wisdom from this forum, first off, big thanks to those who are contributing, as someone who is new to all this, this has been groundbreaking! I am based in London, United Kingdom, and this is my situation: I want to create an LTD company in which I...
  8. H

    EU Bank or EMI without calls or visit?

    Which bank/EMI i can open a pro or individual account in eu without the need of a visit nor calls?
  9. J

    Open personal bank account in Georgia remotely

    Can anyone recommend a service or contact to open a personal bank account in Georgia remotely? Which bank is the recommended one to go with, is it TBC?
  10. K

    Bank Account for Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading Business

    First of all I would like to thank all the forum members for the helpful and resourceful information that has been posted. I am EU citizen and I have recently registered a company in Estonia which will be used for trading forex and cryptos. The use of the bank account will be to send money from...
  11. malospal

    (Crypto) Singapore company remote opening?

    Hello friends Help me please. I have Singapore company with Australian UBO. The company uses the web platform for Crypto trading of personal funds. I need crypto friendly bank or EMI with remote opening
  12. S

    Digital services (Subscription) looking for 0% tax jurisdiction

    Hi there! After 2 weeks reading all of you guys, I need more advise than ever. My associate and I are gonna launch a new software solution and we are gonna go nomad next year. We are from Spain. We were thinking about Nevis with a bank account there. Everything is legal. Yet we don't know...
  13. MrTony

    Bank account for Georgian company

    Hi! Maybe someone has experienced by opening a bank account for Georgian IT company in the banks, which is not located in Georgia. If someone has such experience please share.
  14. S

    Swissquote vs. Saxo for keeping money

    Hello, I wonder if Swissquote and Saxo bank are good just to park money <100k? I may use them for trading but just buy and hold but principally I would use them for keeping a balance in Eur.
  15. E

    How to check bank or EMI reliablility? Guideline for noob

    Dear all, Please share some short guideline for noob. How to check the bank or EMI to avoid scammers? What and which document should i check online? possibly there are some systems that can show the detailed information about financial structure that i want to check.
  16. Toxigen

    Do you know " privato bank " ?

    Did you try this bank ? Is it reliable?
  17. D

    Which bank for european crypto business

    Hello, I would like to know which bank or EMI account to use that will accept withdrawal from platform like coinbase or kraken, just little amounts around 1500/month and that has no fees, transferwise seem to be not sure to accept bitcoin broker incoming payments, would like to know what is the...
  18. leavingcanada

    Canadians running a successful online business looking for a reputable offshore

    We are Canadian residents who currently own a Canadian corporation that runs a very successful online business (in the legal services field). Current income is more than $500K a year. Our Canadian taxes have been astronomical so we made the decision to relocate to Eastern Europe (Bulgaria) for...
  19. J

    Tax Planning 2019

    Idea is to incorporate a business and of course, optimise the personal income by leveraging global opportunities. What I was thinking of is to have a; - Singapore business for webshop, selling mainly Digital services, this to minimise VAT/GST cost as Revenue below 1m s$ is excluded from VAT/GST...
  20. MrTony

    Ukrainian banks for offshore companies

    Have anybody tried to open an account at Ukrainian banks for offshore companies (Belize, Seychelles, St. Vincent and the Grenadines)? There are some not-local owned banks, like Ukrsibbank (BNP Paribas), Kredobank (PKO Bank Polski), Credit Agricole (Credit Agricole Groupe), Alfa Bank Ukraine...
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