1. G

    Question How to Reduce my Tax Liabilities? Recommended setups

    Hello everyone! I’m currently self-employed with Hungarian citizenship offering remote consulting service. Working long term with a US based partner for ~100k USD per year and also dealing with about 70k USD/yr of crypto that I get paid from an EU partner. These are not large amounts so I...
  2. C

    Questions about anonymous New Mexico/Wymoing LLC + some kind of bank/EMI in Canada and taxes

    I'm looking to form a single-member New Mexico/Wyoming LLC for privacy purposes (conceal name from public registry, technically its fine if banks or other legal institutions know about it although concealing the ownership as much as possible would be ideal) and to limit exposure to any potential...
  3. K

    How long can a bank hold your money?

    If a bank or EMI holds your money, and requests documents - and if you can't provide them, what will usually happen? The bank eitherway holds your money and/or closes your account. BUT: - How long can a bank legally hold your money? - Can the bank hold your money for ever?
  4. L

    Question [NORWAY] How do I launder my legal money?

    I know this is a stupid question, but please bear with me. I moved to Norway about one year ago, and only received my birth number now. So, I can finally open a business and a bank account in Norway. I’ve opened a bank account, still didn’t open a business (I’m going to register an AS). Here’s...
  5. C

    Question Why Passport and not national ID Card?

    I'm wondering why all banks which open accounts remotely/online, require a passport copy. Instead, they could accept a national ID card, not? Do you think, a national ID card would be accepted too, or why is a passport required? I don't see any difference, as usually you need the passport for...
  6. G

    Want to minimise my tax liabilities

    I got a remote job in the US, as a Hungarian citizen what are my tax minimisation options? Probably the best option would be to change residence, but is it worth the effort and initial costs for about 72,000 USD per year from that US company + ~48,000 USD / year from another individual (payed in...
  7. H

    Question Need a crypto bank

    Hello all, I am looking for a crypto Bank to start investing DCA into Bitcoin and was wondering if anyone had feedback on Wallex (
  8. Icandbacc

    Question Is a company preferred than individual?

    Let's say we open a bank account in Puerto Rico. Do you think the chance to be approved is higher with an Company (e.g. Belize offshore company) than opening the account as individual?
  9. U

    Question How is a Offshore Company treated regarding CRS?

    If someone has a offshore company, for example in Dubai, and opens a bank account in Seychelles with companies physical address in Portugal (as the offshore company itself has no physical address in the UAE only P.O.), and the 100% shares owner, director and benefical owner (also the one who...
  10. Icandbacc

    Looking for Offshore Bank Account with Debit/Prepaid Card

    Hello, I urgently need a personal offshore bank account. I can maintain a overage balance of 10.000 USD per month, but right now I would not be able to make a initial deposit from my own bank account. It would be possible to make the initial deposit from a third party company (the company...
  11. D

    Bank Account for Gibraltar Company (Trading)

    I am currently looking to setup a bank account for a company I have incorporated in Gibraltar. I am a trader and trade a whole bunch of different markets including futures, crypto and currencies. I'm wondering if anyone who is in the same field as myself has had any success in opening an...
  12. 1

    Bank, nano bank, EMI with card for none EEA resident

    Hi, I got israeli passport, European passport, Ukraine temporary residence and Georgia permanent residence. I have a transferwise and revolut cards from the time that i had utility bill in EEA country which i don't anymore so any question revolut or TW may ask me about residency at any point...
  13. J

    Question Tax - Would Belize know if I was lying about Sales?

    My Belize IBC needs to file a tax return in Belize and financial statements (not audited). This is as it is not paying tax in another country (please lets not discuss this matter just now - I am aware of PE etc). I am a resident in the Philippines (not a CRS country). My company receives...
  14. F

    How to open bank account with Portuguese IBAN without visiting Portugal?

    I need to have a bank account in Portugal but I can't visit the country right now. Is it possible to open a bank account in Portugal over the internet? I have Portuguese nationality if that helps. EMIs that offer Portuguese SEPAs would also work I think. Thanks in advance.
  15. N

    Question Documents requested by a Bank/EMI for Money Laundering

    If a Bank/EMI suspends/freezes a account related to a incoming transaction, they usually start to request documents, before you can access your funds again. Do you know which documents these could be? I know that it could be: - Source of funds (like a Invoice from the sender of the payment, not...
  16. N

    Question Bank Account opening in my situation

    Hi, I need to open a bank account (no EMI) remotely, where its possible to open a account without traveling to that country. My Tax number is from dominican republic, and so my address. And that is my problem. I need a bank account with IBAN. Do you know any bank, that accepts / opens bank...
  17. H

    Need help regarding Holding + Sub companies structure.

    Hi everyone, Been looking at this forum for some times and today I would need advices from you guys. I am planing to open a holding/trust, which will contain several sub companies, investments (stocks, crypto, ...) and assets. I am looking for a location where taxes are low/none and won't...
  18. S

    African Offshore banking or company? for crypto cashout?

    Are any of the jurisdictions in Africa reasonably low tax and easy going with banking for crypto cash out? Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Rwanda, Ivory Coast- countries that are relatively stable, and have a stable currency. How do banks look at white European foreigners in these types of...
  19. Chris426a

    Best suited bank for a Seychelle company?

    I have a newly formed Seychelle IBC that I will use for consulting business within marketing for the IT/Tech space. My next step is to find a bank or EMI that my clients can send money to as payment for the work. I have already looked at VertoFX, PaxumBank and Migom Bank but the last two very...
  20. M

    Business bank account for international in & outgoing transfers. [

    I looking for a bank for my new tech company. We'll received and send lot of international transfers (USA & EU). Whats the best choice? What is your advice? Important things: Online onboarding, low nternational in & outgoing transfer fees, security & support. Wise & Revolut not option.