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  1. boomy

    Quarantined until 2022 according to Bill Gates

    Do you believe this guy, Bill Gates and his vision about this COVID-19 pandemic? https://summit.news/2020/12/14/video-bill-gates-says-lockdowns-should-carry-on-into-2022/ I think he benefits from all of it and that's why he want the quarantine period extended to 20222 nothing else.
  2. erni

    How do you think about the Vaccine from Pfizer?

    I have followed the new the last weeks, Pfizer seem to have release their vaccine already in the UK and the first 20K people already got it. I also read about their phase 3 study...
  3. EliasIT

    Is she afraid to infect the sharks with COVID-19?

    I wonder a lot why the woman in this video wears a bandage, is it because she's afraid of infecting sharks and turtles with COVID-19?
  4. clemens

    Corona Virus - COVID 19 - the beginning of the next financial crash?

    I can't stop thinking about the guys mentioned in this thread Anyone read the German book, der grösste crash aller zeiten ? they said the next financial crisis / crash would be close already. What do you think is CoronaVirus the answer to the next total crash?
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