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  1. F

    KYC Exchange funds to non-KYC wallet

    Hi Freebirds A friend made gains on crypto, with most funds being on 1 exchange. Unaware of the risks, tax consequences and privacy importance. He now finds out things seem to be quite complicated and a unfavorable possibly 30-50% tax seems to be around the corner. Asking me to help, we are...
  2. CoffeeExpert

    Cryptocurrency exchange

    My friend and I run a cryptocurrency exchange out of New Zealand. The exchange works great, we have a user base but we need assistance to increase trading volume. He runs the exchange, I do tech support and admin and act as business development. We want to grow the exchange but need some...
  3. Periman

    Cryptocurrency Exchange licensing and company formation

    Hello guys, Does anyone of you know a good reputable legit Law firm that can assist us in opening a company in Estonia and obtaining a crypto license (wallet and exchange service). I know that This license cannot be passported to other EU countries. However according to our understanding, in...
  4. N

    Question Need Recommendation for Lawyer in Seychelles

    I am dealing with a situation where I have a significant amount of crypto being stored on an cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Seychelles. The cryptocurrency exchange has blocked my withdrawals and I have very big concerns. I am considering hiring a lawyer in order to help secure my...
  5. P

    Where to find the best crypto ATMs worldwide for exchanging crypto to currency?

    Where can I find some of the best crypto ATMs for withdrawing crypto to currency in the world? Most of the time the total fees are hidden, and many ATMs have terrible exchange rates and strict KYC requirements. Please advise where I can find competitive crypto ATMs anywhere in the world.
  6. davidjdiez

    Personal IBAN account for high volume trading

    Hi there, I'm having a profitable business by exchanging fiat to crypto for customers around the EU but I've stepped into problems with some banks due to high volume trading. First I was trading from my Wirex account during a long time until they blocked my account with 900 eur. inside that I...
  7. tradingworldwide321

    Bank Account and/or EMI Account for Offshore invesment Company (Crypto)

    Dear readers. I hope you are doing well. As you may know about, I deal with FOREX and I have two projects coming before Decembe 31, that's why I have posted 3 threads, including this one. So this is what I would you to explain: Because of tax planning, asset protection and privacy, I need...
  8. Granwasa

    List of Trustable Crypto Exchanges

    Good Morning Gentlemen, I hope this post finds you well. I felt like a good list of trustable Crypto Exchanges was needed. After researching, comparing and inquiring, below you may find the only trustable exchanges, currently. I am aware that many more exist. However, they displayed red flags...
  9. O

    Help to Start Cryptocurrency business

    Dear all, This is my first post on this group, please i am seeking for help on how to start a successful Crypto currency business to earn monthly income or Cryptocurrency Trade, and how much is required to achieve this goal, please i am posting this because i am new into cryptocurrency and i...
  10. J

    Need help!

    Dear experinced fellow: Here is my situation . First of all, to prevent chargeback fraud, i want a cryptocurrency as a payment method for my website Second , as it is for payment purpose(not for investment) i want it to have a fixed rate with a fiat currency Third, i also need a bank...
  11. F

    Cheapest easiest country to form a crypto exchange

    I'm a programmer working on a experimental crypto exchange, with many advanced trading features, adding many unpopular experimental shitcoins along with popular ones. I know Estonia is good. But I'm looking for other cheaper options and with less legal hassle like Estonia, since I'm still a...
  12. lrotter

    Where to establish Crypto exchange licensed?

    Hello All! After new regulations in Estonia with their financial authority they require personal visits of UBO/AML officer to meet the regulator. It makes impossible for the companies with "hired" UBO to be registered. Any suggestions where to register LICENSED crypto exchange instead?
  13. J

    Trading Crypto Company

    Dear All, We are interested in having a platform for trading crypto. 1. what it is the best platform 2. what it is the best jurisdiction in order to start 3. cost of license 4. reliable banking system Any advices is much appreciated
  14. Saulgood

    Business account for bitcoin trading

    Hi there, thanks to everyone spending time to read and reply in advance!! Including admin and the Mentor group hopefully. UK citizen here working and living in England and also Turkish citizen. I'm currently paying tax through my full time employment only in UK. I don't currently own a company...
  15. diablo

    What crypto currency exchange is the best from the below?

    I want to know what is the best crypto currency Exchange around, cheapest and most reliable? It don't has to be the chepeast but preferrable, I walso want to know the most reliable Exchange service, some which don't hold the crypto for ages before they Exchange them into real Money or the...
  16. diablo

    The biggest problem facing bitcoin exchanges has nothing to do with price

    If you are wondering what the hell is going on in Cryptoland you want to have a nice read at the below link: The biggest problem facing bitcoin exchanges has nothing to do with price It actually sum it all nicely up and also explain why you want to HOLD your crypto currency for a while to...
  17. D

    USD withdrawal/deposit to Forex/Crypto exchanges via Cyprus bank

    Hi! First of all, thumbs up for fantastic forum! I did a lot of reading in past few days, but could not get straight answer for setup I am considering. I am trading on Forex and Crypto currency exchanges and need a way to transfer USD from one exchange and deposit to another. At the moment I...
  18. CoinMaster

    Similar service to revolut.com just funding from extern wallet!

    Hello, I'm looking badlyt for a service provider similar to revolut, read more here Revolut.com - Reviews - Discussion and personal experience! just where it is possible to transfer say bitcoins to this service and exchange it to euro / FIAT and then transfer the money to another bank account...
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