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Hello, I recently joined this forum and have been reading over some very well groomed advice here.

Before putting some of it to work I thought I would make a post about my situation, I have run an algorithmic trade service for multiple years based in the US. In our early years (2014+) we traded crypto for clients on exchanges through api and had very good returns due to the obvious market inefficiencies. We were growing well until 2016 when we began slowly being kicked off foreign exchanges due to our clients being US based as well as our main accounts being US based. We put time into trying to make the business work solely inside the US, but with recent further blockages, and high fees on US exchanges it is clear we have to change tactics. Due to this have looked to shift our model outside the US, possibly shuttering US clients in favor of the broader market if need be.

That being said we are looking to reposition our tech outside the US, we are in the exploratory phase but are considering two options, listed below. We would would welcome contact from anyone with experience with outside the US mainstream finance, as well as experience in the cryptocurrency trade or exchange sector.

1. Creation of an exchange that aggregates liquidity from other exchanges under automation. Many new exchanges have trouble providing early liquidity to attract clients. With our automated execution we can connect to multiple established exchanges and provide an exchange liquidity directly from the book of another exchange. We have some reserve capital to do so as well as the execution framework, but would need to put resources into creating the exchange infrastructure. This is an interesting idea as we would be able to offer the liquidity of the broader market, and may also be able to operate with US customers as long as we went through the proper licensing procedures in our country of operation.

2. Offering our management service to clients outside the US, as well as basing ourselves outside the US. US clients could still use the service as long as they have access to the exchange that we operated on, but this would no longer be the focus. We would relocate the main business outside of the US, and connect to the exchanges that currently have banned us as a US based company. This would require the least actual technical investment as it is currently what we are able to do.

If you have some insight into our situation, some experience in these fields or something I haven't thought of please reach out - I am very open to interesting business ideas during this pivot.


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I would definitely be interested in knowing more. I have a Crypto licence in the EU and am also awaiting a licence in the UAE and UK.
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