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  1. M

    EU Investing in the current economy

    Hi, I’m personally attracted to evidence-based investing, but at the same time I know my knowledge of it is limited - so for the time being I’m following the Bogleheads investment principles - a big portion goes to a widely diversified FTSE-All-World based ETF, with the purpose of accumulating...
  2. Admin

    Top 10 Investment Brokers Which Accept International Customers & Quick Guide

    New to investments? You probably have no idea where to begin or what to do next, but there is nothing to be worried about. While you can take the time to educate yourself and perhaps learn the hard way - with a bunch of financial failures on the way, an investment broker could be an excellent...
  3. O

    [Self-Intro] Excited to be here

    Hello everyone, I'm excited to be in this forum, looks like a cool place with like-minded people. Quick intro: I'm an entrepreneur and investor based in the EU, currently working as head of operations for a venture studio (10m€ raised in 14, three exits) I'm a shareholder too. As side...
  4. R

    uk remittance basis

    Hi, I would be happy if anyone could help with this tax question. I am resident but non-domiciled in the UK. By the remmitance rule, I am taxed on foreign investment income only up to the amount that I send back to the UK. I would like to understand if this sequence I have i mind is feasible...
  5. T

    Creating a new forum section around ICO investment

    Here is more of wiki description about it. Initial coin offering - Wikipedia This site gives a nice overview detailing a lot about the different kinds of ICO. ICO Reviews - CryptoRated: Community ICO Reviews and Ratings
  6. blip

    Stock trading account for offshore company

    Hello, Where can I open a BUSINESS trading account for an offshore company (e.g. incorporated in Seychelles)? Nothing fancy, I just want to trade stocks on Nasdaq and NYSE. Will a financial institution like this (for trading) report the beneficial owner in the same way as for normal bank...
  7. mnschwarz

    Starting an internatinoal investment company

    Lads/lasses, I've been toying with the idea of starting an investment company and looking for a little info. Basically I already invest globally on my own (through my IBC) and I get pretty good returns. I'm looking to offer this to friends/family initially with a goal of eventually offering to...
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