1. T

    Creating a new forum section around ICO investment

    Here is more of wiki description about it. Initial coin offering - Wikipedia This site gives a nice overview detailing a lot about the different kinds of ICO. ICO Reviews - CryptoRated: Community ICO Reviews and Ratings
  2. blip

    Stock trading account for offshore company

    Hello, Where can I open a BUSINESS trading account for an offshore company (e.g. incorporated in Seychelles)? Nothing fancy, I just want to trade stocks on Nasdaq and NYSE. Will a financial institution like this (for trading) report the beneficial owner in the same way as for normal bank...
  3. mnschwarz

    Starting an internatinoal investment company

    Lads/lasses, I've been toying with the idea of starting an investment company and looking for a little info. Basically I already invest globally on my own (through my IBC) and I get pretty good returns. I'm looking to offer this to friends/family initially with a goal of eventually offering to...