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  1. uplana

    True path to succeed with the anonymous company offshore!

    Guys, you ever wondered why so many people seek their privacy and want to avoid taxes, want to avoid to show up on the dark Internet with all your personal information show up on blogs, stats sites and all this crap? Me too! No no, not metoo movement. No, I wondered for long time ago why people...
  2. erni

    Proton VPN helps to gain back the freedom in Hong Kong for private mail and Internet activity.

    I do not quite know about you, but I think it is impressive work the people behind Proton VPN and Proton Mail have done by creating a product as secure as PROTON. If it can really protect the Chinese from their government which has billions to spy on their own people to foolishness, and it is...
  3. Admin

    Total Internet Privacy

    Why all people should consider total Internet privacy when they are doing online! Everything you do on the Internet will stay there in be traceable. The Internet will never forget, vanish or delete your information, your personal history ot what else you left there that can be traced back to...
  4. O - Goverment total control Plan

    Hello, goverment are trying to control using covid and for this year probaly they will launch: "id2020"what it is basically a "international id" in app with biometrics, all the bank accounts, all the credit cards, medical information, vaccines, houses, taxes, etc EVERYTHING, very probably this...
  5. C

    Consulting company formation advice

    Hi, Looking for a reputed onshore low tax or no tax structure that provides privacy and banking options in reputed jurisdictions with no resident director requirement. Citizen of territorial tax country. Looking at US, UK. Also does anyone have any updates on the Corporate Transparency Bill...
  6. J

    New here - apologies if I sound stupid

    Hi all, I've been trying to absorb all the wisdom from this forum, first off, big thanks to those who are contributing, as someone who is new to all this, this has been groundbreaking! I am based in London, United Kingdom, and this is my situation: I want to create an LTD company in which I...
  7. B

    Money transfer between individuals

    I'm an EEA citizen living in SE Asia. A friend of mine is living in my house in my home town, I have my tax residence there. I pay online all the bills on my own name. He transfers me about 6000 EUR all inclusive every 6 months, we have no contract to avoid taxation. Until now we've been using...
  8. D

    Hong Kong LLC controlled by a Chinese company for legal protection

    The thread title may sound counter-intuitive, but let me explains the details: Bob is running a profitable SaaS platform that is sightly allegal from the eyes of a large US company, mainly because of disloyal competence. There is a significant chance that the US company start suing...
  9. phatboy

    Privacy reasons - Not tax avoidance, advice please.

    I run a number of UK Ltd companies and am a UK resident. I have recently been dragged into a frivolous lawsuit from a rival company who tried to sue my UK Ltd Company, and want to avoid this happening to my other companies as it was a costly waste of time. So I have been thinking about going...
  10. B

    Hello how can i see if someone is following me?

    Hello Guys, Can you please tell me where i can find if someone is following me. Thank you
  11. João Silva

    What is the best country/exchange to buy cryptos?

    Hi everone, I am new here. I would like to ask what is the best country and exchange to buy cryptos? I mean a country that respect both my privacy and my assets. Any exchange in my country cannot do that. Is Cayman Island a good option?
  12. Xeovo

    [Xeovo VPN] Key to your privacy from 2,99$/mo

    Xeovo is a self-funded VPN company based in Finland since 2016. As a team, we thrive on privacy, security, and freedom. We enjoy what we do, understand our customers and deliver a VPN that clients love and need. Features Stop 3rd Party Spying Xeovo protects you from ISP tracking and...
  13. C

    Prevent Subpoenas and Frivolous Lawsuits

    I'm new to offshoring and I would like to setup an offshore company that I can use with maybe a nominee director(or shareholder) to register all my hosting accounts, paypal, etc. and not reveal myself as the owner if the company is subpoenaed in a civil lawsuit - as the person who subpoenas my...
  14. Luigi

    Offshore for saving on tax

    Hello, It has been a while that I'm investigating but I still got no answer yet. I have a few assumptions that I don't know if I'm wrong or not, hope you can help me. My main goal is not hiding for anybody, is just trading and saving money for the future. 1st assumption: As far as I know, if I...
  15. T

    Offshore company/bank acc for privacy (Fake News Biz)

    Hi All, I run a series of fake news websites that generate revenue via content ad. From time to time these websites may infringe on digital trademarks/copyright. Ie using a real news logo ect. What I am after is an anonymous bank account that I can get my monthly revenue paid into that if in...
  16. Luigi

    Can I hide the domain owner

    I found one brand which for whatever reason they decided to not renew the .com domain. I'd like to register such domain and of course that I'll hide the "whois" information, but besides that. Can they receive information of who registered it? Where is the safest (most private) place for...
  17. Luigi

    Acceptable countries for opening an Offshore company

    Hi All, I've been reading many of the threads in this forum and I see that each jurisdiction has its own issues: Honk Kong is not really an offshore company (Hong Kong is a trap, a fake good offshore jurisdiction ) Delare has high taxes: (Delaware LLC pay 35% tax how can it be offshore? ) BVI...
  18. mnschwarz

    Will the company be private if nominee directors not 'originally' used?

    Hi guys, I have a couple offshore companies of which I am the director and shareholder. I haven't worried about my name being on documents too much as I am a resident of Panama and don't pay tax offshore anyway. My partner now is wanting to relocate back to Germany and doing so I will get...
  19. Flycatcher

    Beware, governments now exchange tax info via MCAA, AEOI and CRS

    Didn't see this mentioned around here, thought I'd put this up. What's important to know when planning your tax structure are the recent agreements and protocols concerning automatic tax information: Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement (MCAA) (MCAA signatory states), Automatic Exchange...
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