1. Simon4466

    EU Public Beneficial Ownership Registers CANCELLED High Court in Luxembourg decided that having...
  2. B

    Private payment provider/Processor

    Hello! So I have a dilemma that is probably very easily solvable. I am from the UK I have noticed a lot of websites (escort ones/adult sites) have their company information in their privacy policy. You can do a search on google of the company number/name and find out who owns the company...
  3. B

    UK LLP shananigans

    Hey guys, Is the following brain exercise sstructure - legal? 1. Forming 2 of the cheapest offshore companies where I'll be owner / director. 2. Form UK LLP, where the 2 offshore companies are the partners in it. the actual business will operate under the UK LLP. Receiving payments from...
  4. G

    Living in Georgia but want to operate through non Georgian company - possible?

    Hello, I live in the country of Georgia. They have here great tax benefits for sole trader / individual entrepreneur, but not so much for companies. Also, privacy sucks, and there is no legal protection like an LLC have. Is there some way for me to do all my work through some company ill form...
  5. 8

    Any locales left for future-proofed public record privacy?

    Hi, I live in the UK. I'm trying to start a crypto day trading firm, but don't want to release my accounts or directorship of the company into the public record. This is mainly just for personal privacy and avoiding people working out my overall trading strategies/replicating them. I'm not...
  6. N

    Any international corporate lawyer for consultation?

    Hello, Any recommendation to a good international corporate lawyer with expertise on company structures, PRIVACY and taxes ? You can see the post in this page as the preview of what I'm looking for and why...
  7. bizman

    Is DuckDuckGo firefox extenion more secure regarding privacy?

    I installed the DuckDuckGo Firefox extension. It says it secure and encrypt the connection and do other privacy settings. How more secure is it?
  8. N

    Help - Privacy focused Company Structure for End to End encrypted file hosting service

    Hi guys, Could really use your help. I am going to launch a super privacy focused end to end encrypted file hosting service. Besides the service itself which will not let even to me as admin the power to access users files, i still want to structure my company in a way that will make any law...
  9. O

    Form and run offshore company, earn from it but without being registered in it?

    Hi, I'm curious if its feasible to form a company where someone else will be registered as the director,owner, shareholder and so on without me being registered in the company at all, yet i will manage it and do all activity . Its mainly for privacy reasons. if yes, the main question is if...
  10. tradingworldwide321

    Question System Operative, Machine, Smartphone and apps focused on privacy and security

    Hello all I hope you are doing well. I was wondering what are the best System Operatings, laptops brands, smartphones brands, apps for encrypted email, chat and voice communication, web browsing, passwords managers and vpn/vps providers all focused on privacy and security. As far as I have...
  11. James Spader

    Everything You Need To Know About Sending Money Anonymously – How To Achieve Financial Anonymity

    So, you want to send some money without anyone else knowing, right? It makes no difference why and no one really cares. Perhaps you are trying to buy an engagement ring for the love of your life. You want to hide the transaction from the statement, especially if you have a joint bank account...
  12. Martin Everson

    Australian police can now control suspects' online social media accounts

    What do folks think about the below? Who on earth would want to live in Australia with such laws :oops:. Coming to EU soon. Remember I mentioned governments introducing ID checks on social media sites to prevent online harassment etc well looks like it all might be happening quicker than I expected.
  13. MiddleEuroAsia

    Apple plans to scan US iPhones for child ab*se imagery, in other words, apple will install a backdoor in your phone.

    ----------------start------------------------ Apple intends to install software on American iPhones to scan for child abuse imagery, according to people briefed on its plans, raising alarm among security researchers who warn that it could open the door to surveillance of millions of people’s...
  14. uplana

    True path to succeed with the anonymous company offshore!

    Guys, you ever wondered why so many people seek their privacy and want to avoid taxes, want to avoid to show up on the dark Internet with all your personal information show up on blogs, stats sites and all this crap? Me too! No no, not metoo movement. No, I wondered for long time ago why people...
  15. erni

    Proton VPN helps to gain back the freedom in Hong Kong for private mail and Internet activity.

    I do not quite know about you, but I think it is impressive work the people behind Proton VPN and Proton Mail have done by creating a product as secure as PROTON. If it can really protect the Chinese from their government which has billions to spy on their own people to foolishness, and it is...
  16. James Spader

    Total Internet Privacy

    Why all people should consider total Internet privacy when they are doing online! Everything you do on the Internet will stay there in be traceable. The Internet will never forget, vanish or delete your information, your personal history ot what else you left there that can be traced back to...
  17. O - Goverment total control Plan

    Hello, goverment are trying to control using covid and for this year probaly they will launch: "id2020"what it is basically a "international id" in app with biometrics, all the bank accounts, all the credit cards, medical information, vaccines, houses, taxes, etc EVERYTHING, very probably this...
  18. C

    Consulting company formation advice

    Hi, Looking for a reputed onshore low tax or no tax structure that provides privacy and banking options in reputed jurisdictions with no resident director requirement. Citizen of territorial tax country. Looking at US, UK. Also does anyone have any updates on the Corporate Transparency Bill...
  19. J

    New here - apologies if I sound stupid

    Hi all, I've been trying to absorb all the wisdom from this forum, first off, big thanks to those who are contributing, as someone who is new to all this, this has been groundbreaking! I am based in London, United Kingdom, and this is my situation: I want to create an LTD company in which I...
  20. B

    Money transfer between individuals

    I'm an EEA citizen living in SE Asia. A friend of mine is living in my house in my home town, I have my tax residence there. I pay online all the bills on my own name. He transfers me about 6000 EUR all inclusive every 6 months, we have no contract to avoid taxation. Until now we've been using...