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  1. D

    Uk LLP problem with stripe

    Hi i have an llp in uk Members are I - live in use ( residency in uae ) - Nationality italian Company Dubai Free zone When I open my stripe or shopify paymetns, after all documentation etc, it required me Proof of Home address, but how can I do because I not live in uk They require me Utility...
  2. erni

    UK Ltd or LLP what's the best and how to pay less tax?

    I want to setup a UK LTD but also read a little about the LLP - as I understand LLP was used to be anonymous back in time but isn't that any longer because of the new rules where everyone owning more than 5% shares have to be registerd! Now I wonder, how easy is it to manage a UK company from...
  3. blueweb

    UK LLP for total anonymity, true?

    I see a very active user posting on all threads where people seek privacy that a UK LLP will not share UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) and Shareholder information at all. He claim it actually offer more privacy then a Wyoming, New Mexico or Delaware LLC - it has in all the time I have been...
  4. I

    Offshore Company + bank account (already established) + new UK LLP based in EU to avoid taxes - advice welcome

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I really appreciate all tips and tricks I have found - a huge source of information! so thank you all. I need to route money coming from customers based in EU to the offshore company without paying taxes. My idea is to open an LLP based in UK with EMI bank...
  5. bastard

    UK LTD Taxation have a question?

    From a providers website I read this Is this true or not? If so is the LLP the same as a LTD in the UK or do the same rules apply?
  6. J

    EMI / Bank Account for an UK LLP with an Offshore Partner

    Hi guys, we have a small UK LLP with two partners - one is an individual, another one is a Belize IBC. We are providing IT services for german business partner Currently we have a paysera account, but yesterday we have received following email: we would like to inform you that as the...
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