Anonymous company 2020


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Hello Guys.

I was was reading a few threads in the mentor group, they are 1+ y.o. and I was wondering what still works and where it may work.

Some people that posted in the mentor group are not around any longer but they may still read the forum. For instant here Oops! We ran into some problems.
if you are around @PaulKruger mind to PM me with info? I may pay a mentor group subscription for your help.

Or @blueweb - Oops! We ran into some problems. can you update the thread please?


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Better move this thread into the Mentor Group... in case ICIJ terrorists are reading ns2 You're all members anyway


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Can we get some information on the table / thread please! What is the solution to get a anonymous company for privacy reason rather then tax reasons?
Depending on your budget, of course, I could recommend a properly structured foundation in Liechtenstein.


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Would like to know if you really think Wyoming LLC is the only option lefte beside using DARKS like they describe in the mentor group?