Any safe bank account out-there to transfer 7-figure sum (Bit) ?


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I'm not an EU resident neither American. My home country has some currency exchange controls, it's so hard to get crypto here. Do you know any EU bank or EMI that accept this kind sum without locking, freezing?

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Mining and commodities involvement in general is considered high risk activity by banks. The banks in EU will just be very cautious depending on where your mining activity takes place. Mining business is dirty business and full of bribery and corruption of government officials as you know ns2.

I don't know if you are looking for a personal or business account? Your too vague with the question without providing much background. However if money is in personal account it is far easier than in a company account as due diligence is quicker and easier. I would do personal introduction to Barclays International but they no longer accept people from Maldives :(.


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Northern Europe has relatively clean mining activity as they have surplus hydro energy. Do you want to pay taxes?


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curious, where would you suggest banking for such business?
I don't know how those banks will react, but there's significant crypto mining activity in Scandinavia, so the banks should already be doing business with these kinds of companies.

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Mining activity at some country and banking in this country are not required things.
Almost usually it's a different countries, because crypto tolerant banks and crypto tolerant countries (for mining business, cost of electricity, etc) are absolutely different things.

I could suggest you to try:
- Poland banks as a place where a lot of tolerance for crypto in banking system.
- German banks, but you need to have German company or near-to-Germany residence.
- Spain or Portugese banks. You could found few crypto tolerant banks there too. At same time you could invest to real estate in those countries your money, so those banks also would be happy to provide you a loan.
- Swiss banks if you really talk about 1-10 millons $. They will be happy to launder your bunch of crypto money :D


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Found a bank in UK, You can close!
Would like to know that to! You know this is a forum where we share information in order to find new options for our business. You expected all of us to share out knowledge and find answers so you may share what you have found.


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You want to split your money and turnover into several EMI accounts in order to get this work! For instant you could open a EMI account with Mister Tango, WireApp and Transferwise so you will avoid the most trouble.