Anyone heard of IPayTotal?


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Hey guys,

We are an online store with high risk, barely legal items in Canada.

Ipaytotal accepted us for credit card processing. But their reviews on trustpilot are half 1 and half 5 stars. It’s crazy.

Anyone had experience or advice on this merchant?



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They are fishy, and I wouldn't recommend. I have stopped the process, everything was quite strange. High risk businesses, and only a week for application process! 1.500 ponds for entry! But above all, they are not FCA regulated!!!! Their code of business is a joke for PSP.
I would stay away and try maybe with accentpay, I-account....


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Yes, I’ve had exact similar experience. Something’s off but I can’t put my finger on it.

They approved our online cannabis dispensary within a week with a 4-5% MDR, which is low even by high risk standards. Half the reviews are 1 Star with ppl claiming fraud.

Most importantly, constant stories about banks closing their merchant accounts after 6-12 weeks of operation. Kinda weird.

Also I don’t think they are in uk at all. Everything seems to be pointing at an Indian company with a virtual office (google the address they list in their site)

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