Are "Bank Introductions" worth it?


I am seeking to setup a new Seychelles IBC + Bank Account and/or EMI. I have incorporated several times and have always paid the extra $500 or so to get the bank introduction. However, so many of these banks (Euro Pacific Bank, Paxum, etc.) don't seem to be anything special and it seems like they just forward the application from the bank anyway.

Do the agents really provide any real benefit or have any influence over the bank accepting the application? Is it worth it to pay the introduction for any of these lower level banks (ie. Euro Pacific Bank, etc.)?



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As long as we speak the mentioned names and particular EMI's there is no need to pay any fee for introduction service since you can get the same results doing it at your own.

Some banks may require an introducer in order to take on new banking customers, in that case you are forced to pay the introducer fee and cross your fingers that they do the work for you or at least complete the application and send it to the bank for you.

There are some introducers around which just send you blank forms so you will have to complete everything, sign and return it to the bank.


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You may be required to use introducers in with certain banks there is no way around it.

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