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Bank Account for High Risk IBC


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May 23, 2009
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I am going to start a website for escort directory. Apparently this is considered to be a high risk business and may bank are not willing to open an account for you. Do you know of any banks that are willing to open corporate account for this kind of business?

Only one company based in Dominica agreed to open a bank account in St. Vincent. I am not sure how reliable the banks are in St. Vincent. Any comments?

I will be incorporating an IBC in Dominica and use CCBill for the payment processing. CCBill said they don't have any problem with the bank account in St. Vincent. Any comments on this?


wow I did not had the impression that this forum is 11 years old! OP is still active or was it until Apr / 2020

sorry Admin if this is against the forum rules but I thought it was interesting. Topic is still valid and many are looking for an answer!
Unfortunately you will have to approach a couple of banks. Also try and have as many accounts and PSP's as possible.

You will need to have a running balance for charge backs.

The Dominican company may have issues opening and you may need to look at registering a pass through like an LLP to give you more banking options.

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