Being Asked For Intermediary Bank Details?

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Hi, I've hit a snag trying to send an international transfer from a US business bank account (salary) to my personal bank account in Dubai (USD account at Commercial Bank of Dubai) - and hoping someone here can help.

I've made a bunch of transfers to my USD Dubai account already mostly from another US business account with no problem - super easy and fast - however this new bank is asking for extra details over and above the usual name, address, swift and IBAN - that I don't have.

The US sending bank is asking for Intermediary Bank details - they want Intermediary Bank Name, Intermediary Bank Address and Intermediary Bank Swift Code. They're required fields on the form, so I can't proceed without them.

I heard back from Dubai bank who essentially said "why do they need that, that's not for you to give them".

I passed this onto the US bank who said OK, we'll try and find that info out. I heard back today that they couldn't find this out and they recommend I speak to an "operations team" in Dubai.

Everyone I've spoken to is surprised the US bank needs this info and it's normally all automatically handled by the 2 banks. I'm in UK currently and don't fancy another multiple hour call to Dubai bank 'help line'.

I've searched everywhere I can think of online.

Anyone know this info? Who CBD use as an intermediary? Or where to find the info that's not phoning Dubai help line who said I don't need that info?

If this bank needs this kind of info every time I send an international transfer I'm probably better just closing the account as it's been several days so far and lots of emails and calls.



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Your US bank is right.

It's strange of CBD to not give you this information. It's correct that you don't always need to specify intermediary bank as the sending bank can sometimes find the intermediary by themselves. If they cannot, however, the recipient bank needs to disclose the intermediary bank. It's a perfectly normal thing to share with clients.

You shouldn't need to request it every time. The intermediary bank may change but the recipient bank should notify its customers when that happens.

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