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Best Country for Setting Up a Prop Trading Firm? Need Advice!


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Dec 5, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I'm in the initial stages of setting up a prop trading firm (similar to models like FTMO or MyForexFund) and am seeking advice on the best jurisdiction to do so. Here's a bit about my situation:

  • UBO Residence: I currently reside in a tax-free country without CFC (Controlled Foreign Corporation) rules, so ideally, I'd like to take advantage of this favorable tax environment.
  • Payment Processing: A significant consideration for me is payment processing. I've been looking into platforms like Stripe, but I'm open to suggestions. I understand certain jurisdictions may be more favorable than others when it comes to payment gateways.
  • Jurisdiction Concerns:
    • US: I've noticed some prop firms setting up in the US, but I'm wary about potential legal implications there.
    • EU: Setting up in the EU might not make the most sense given my tax-free residence.
    • Offshore: This option is quite appealing, but I'm concerned about potential challenges with payment processing.
Given the above, I have a few specific queries:

  1. What countries or jurisdictions would you recommend for setting up such a trading firm considering the UBO's tax-free status?
  2. If opting for an offshore setup, have you had any experience or know of others who successfully integrated with a payment processor? How seamless or challenging was the process?
  3. Any recommendations or insights on legal challenges or considerations, especially for someone residing in a tax-free country?
I value the experience and insights of this community and would greatly appreciate any feedback or guidance. The goal is to find a balance between legal compliance, operational ease, and, of course, fiscal advantages.

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge!

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