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Best country to open a bitcoin trading company

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New member

I'm a portuguese citizen and tax resident and want to start a company for bitcoin trading.

The business can be managed almost 100% online so I'm searching for the best possible country for this.

The things I'm looking at are:
- How easy it is to open a business for a non-resident.
- If the country allows this kind of company at all (some countries banned bitcoin)
- If the country already approved bitcoin related legislation for the long-term
- What kind of license do I need to operate such a company (no special license, electronic money type license, currency exchange type license, banking type license, etc...)
- Corporate tax rate
- Individual tax rate
- How taxable income is calculated in these 2 examples Example 1: I sell 1 bitcoin for 10.000 EUR and I buy 1 bitcoin for 9.000 EUR- Final profit is 0 bitcoin and 1.000 EUR
Example 2: I sell 1 bitcoin for 10.000 EUR and I buy 1.11 bitcoin for the same 10.000 EUR - Final profit is 0.11 bitcoin and 0 EUR
- How easy would it be to obtain credit with this kind of company?
- If I want to accept physical cash what is the maximum amount I can accept? Per person? Per single transaction? Per all transactions with same person on a given period of time?

My favourite countries to do this would be Switzerland, Ireland or other country of Eurozone like Malta or Cyprus. But other countries are also an option like Bulgaria.

Personal tax subject:

Currently I have no income in my own name. I work with my wife in a business registered in her name and all our income comes from this business. This is a local business and all clients are portuguese. We are expecting our first child (this is important for taxes in some countries)

Would it be possible for me to become a tax "resident" in Switzerland or a more favourable country (Bulgaria?) while keeping our current business running as it is?

Best regards
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