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  1. I'mRobot

    How long will it take for an aufenthaltsbewilligung b in Switzerland?

    I have been reading forth and back on various thread here and many other blogs and forums! I'm looking into the aufenthaltsbewilligung b or also called Ausweis B - I'm EU citizen so I have a right to come there once I have rented a home and have a work contract, I have both in place. How long...
  2. clemens

    What online bank / neobank to use with swiss iban ?

    Is there a online bank / neobank similar to DIBA in Germany which open private bank account easily if you have adrees and phone number in Switzerland? Something reliable for smaller amount i.e. max 50K CHF at a time.
  3. SoNewToAllShit

    Can I order a Swiss mobile phone number somewhere with eSim ?

    Do you know of an Swiss SIM provider where I can apply online for an eSim - I already have a Swiss real address? I want some provider that has a ULTRA high 5G connection - I tried Vodafone in Germany, it is horrible.
  4. wonderfulboy

    Switzerland to introduce Federal Register of Beneficial owners by 2024!

    I read in another thread that Switzerland will introduce a central register of business owners in Switzerland. It will not be publicly available, but all authorities worldwide have access. As far as I can read, it will only be presented to the Swiss Parliament in 2024 and then it will probably...
  5. ImKing

    Moving to Lugano, Switzerland - seek personal assistant, good idea?

    I don't speak Italian, single, and have no obligations other than my dog which I want to take with me. For personal reason Lugano is the perfect match, I found several good homes for rental there. Now I wonder if it is possible to find some English or German (prefer) speaking person you pay to...
  6. S

    Setup Company before Moving to Switzerland

    Hey there, I am in the process of relocating to Switzerland and my tax advisor suggested me to get organized before moving in. In particular suggested me to setup a company (ideally before entering Switzerland and outside of Switzerland) and fund it with debt. The idea is the following: if I...
  7. EliasIT

    Buy a 100K BMW X5 in Germany and take it into Switzerland, what's the costs?

    As those of you that read the forum frequently know I'm planning to relocate to Switzerland / Zug and later Lugano. Now I was planning to buy a BMW X5 Hybrid which costs roughly 100K Euro in Germany, after 5 - 8 months I want to take this car with me into Switzerland, so I asked the customs...
  8. Martin Everson

    Switzerland considers jailing anyone who heats rooms above 19C

  9. CoinMaster

    Relocating to Switzerland, where to open personal account?

    I'm planning to relocate to Switzerland in the next 2 - 3 months. Since I know it is almost impossible to get a bank account there, I wonder where do I open a personal account? Does someone has input for me which bank to try?
  10. burden

    Do you know PaySend a swiss neobank?

    As the title say, do you know Paysend ? https://paysend.com/en-ch They are Swiss based neobank. They can send international transfers for just 2 CHF - I don't know if that's only for personal use and no company use?
  11. EliasIT

    Where to find a Office Space in Zug Switzerland cheap?

    I have registered my Swiss AG already, for now everything is registered with the agent, however, I want it to be my own company on my own address etc. Where can I find cheap office space in Zug? It just need to be clean, and dry, so it need to have some sort of toilet somewhere in the building...
  12. clemens

    Want to know how to get a Switzerland visa as an EU citizen?

    Is it possible to get a Visa for Switzerland to be allowed to live there and do my freelance work? My work is my laptop.
  13. ImKing

    Switzerland has no extradition agreement with some of the EU / European countries!

    The last day I learned that Switzerland has no extradition agreement with many of the EU / European countries. That mean, if you lived in a particular country and cheated your tax auth. for tax, VAT etc. & you're willing to relicate (also you must have money for that) to the Switzerland, they...
  14. Velar

    Moving To Switzerland. Best Offshore Company To Open or Structure to use?

    Hi Offshore Corp Talk members. So in the next few years, I'll be moving to Switzerland and become a resident (by marrying my partner). I want to know what's the best way to go about opening an offshore business once I move. I'm wondering: 1. Would it be a good idea to set up an offshore...
  15. buenosdias

    Switzerland grants 18 more countries access to bank details.

    Original article: Switzerland grants 18 more countries access to bank details The Swiss parliament has approved the automatic exchange of bank data with 18 additional countries from 2021. However, Turkey failed to make the cut. On Tuesday, the Senate followed the House of Representative’s...
  16. I

    Personal bank account using 2nd passport from CIB program

    This is my first year as a tax resident in a low tax country, I'll cash out some profits from crypto next year (I'm avoiding cashing out the first year on purpose), and I was thinking of adding an extra layer of "protection" against my home country coming after me (I paid all my taxes before...
  17. Derbo8

    Introduction from Paradise

    Hi my name is Derbo, first I want to thank the admins here, I am impressed. What is different here to other forums is the warm help you give to people and the overall caring-feeling I get here in the forum. Well done! This is a fantastic community and I am happy to be a part of it now. I am...
  18. P

    Best country to open a bitcoin trading company

    Hello I'm a portuguese citizen and tax resident and want to start a company for bitcoin trading. The business can be managed almost 100% online so I'm searching for the best possible country for this. The things I'm looking at are: - How easy it is to open a business for a non-resident. - If...
  19. WorldBuilder

    Incorporation ideas for swiss freelancers

    Hello, I have the following problematic and I did not find threads that suit my current situation nor talking about a solution for Swiss residents in the forum. I am Swiss resident and national and would like to form a corporation in an offshore country (other than Switzerland, so...). With...