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Best offshore bank CIM Bank Review maybe?

i know them very well just look at the rm working with them , they all russian speaking and is not a secret they was the bank prefered buy russian clints, their rm would flght to russia directly to open account this no secrect , call them and start speaking in russian they will answer at once .
Just go at any bosco conference and talk to them, buy the way now they are refocusing on south america espacially colombia and brazil
You really sure multilingual client-oriented staff is a sufficient proof that they have frozen assets of Russian origin? :D
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Very bad experience with this bank, opened like 2 years ago a business account, as everybody know very high fees, but i accepted, i explained ill send fiat from bitstamp, all ok they said, in 2 years i send very little amount, and all ok, some moths ago start to send some money, not too much , some sendings of 5k-10k and close my acccount, said compliance department have so much work with crypto relate, i feel they steal my money in high fees, not recomend this bank

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