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    Hello! Please let me know the name of your company and your name, so I can see the issue. Information on our web site is truthful and open for public. The process of IBC formation is straight forward, there is no way we can refuse to perform upon receipt of payment. The only scenario when we will not complete configuration of a company - when the client unable or unwilling to provide his KYC, such as notarized passport and utility bill. In all other cases configuration of any company takes 24-48 hours. I would like you to share with us what was your experience, so I can see if our actions were appropriate.
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    Titoff Realty ...scammer or not scammer?

    any other feedback?
  4. Titoff

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    Dear Readers! I would like to state that the message posted by northwind is baseless accusation. Must be some competitor. My company is licensed by International Financial Services Commission. Please see my company listed on the Government web site. We are 86. https://www.ifsc.gov.bz/licensed-service-providers/list-a/
    Belize IBC Registry - lists my company as a licensed registered agent - http://www.ibcbelize.com/staff-members/titoff-realty-ltd/
    We are members of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry - http://www.belize.org/item/titoffrealtyltd/
    We are members of the Association of Real Estate Brokers of Belize - http://www.arebb.com/company/show/id/96

    I believe that northwind is the real scammer here.
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    Northwind is not lying , actually he/she is spot on! And articulated the truth quite succinctly . Not only does Titoff make the whole business process dirty it also uses delayed tactics and the random addition and or omission of fees at its whim to turn you around and often not in the best interest of the company , they also with hold information that would allow you to make the best decisions , in an effort to cost you more or just have the satisfaction of a power trip. Not only do they withhold information they also feed inaccurate information as well as play nasty games and try to intimidate you in which ever direction they fancy . If you value your IBC and its integrity as well as clean ethical business ,avoid this company.
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    Interesting, so far I will keep the thread open!
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    Another baseless accusation by anonimous entity. If the claim is so true why don't you share your IBC name here, so we can check! We are incorporators and all information we wanted to disclose are on our web site. Whoever need in depth information about IBC and procedures, uses law companies. We have no license to advise our clients or any third parties. Our business is straight forward - we receive an order, we invoice, we do incorporate. Period! All requirements are clearly published online. Of course there are "clever" individuals who buy fake ID and bills, so called "grays" and trying to incorporate. We have bad news for such individuals, we have excellent due diligence and compliance procedures. We will not allow anyone to fool us. We have hundreds of satisfied clients who do clean business, but those who attempt to register their illegal activities with us are unhappy! As simple as that!
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    This forum means to serve as source of valuable information for general public and not as platform for baseless accusations by anonymous users. Anyone can accuse others (freedom of speech) but everything must have a valid grounds. With sadness we can see that this platform is used to abuse reputable establishments. Kindly see into this matter
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    Dear Eric, you can check this by yourself. We will incorporate your company on our expense and you will pay upon receipt of your Certificate of Incorporation by email. You can also check if the company was incorporated on IBC Registry web site here: International Business Companies Registry - eData Please use this code for your US$100 discount (TITOV-0301-2019-100-ERIC). So nothing to loose. Please go ahead and complete our online order form.
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    Liar. Look at Global Fraud rate it's almost near to 2 trillion or more (Including Political Thieves) . Of course there are people who can fool you. It's just a matter of time.
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    This is going to be interesting.
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    Interesting! Following :)