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BTC Needed Urgently!



New member
Does anyone here have up to 30K$ BTC for sell? I have a client that needs it urgently.

Plz Admin, I don't know if this is the right place to ask and this is NOT a scam.
I would prefer to deal with someone that has a good history on here. If any.


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Why don't you look for trading sites or exchanges? In case that's the option for you, I can help to finalize it fast.


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Where are you based?


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Go to , or similar services or look here

They are all legit and you can buy your coins right away.

Otherwise let me know what's the catch?!


New member
Go to , or similar services or look here

They are all legit and you can buy your coins right away.

Otherwise let me know what's the catch?!
Thanks Man.
Already got vendor now.
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Martin Everson

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Your right I saw his post (I linked below) @michael2137

People should exercise a high degree of caution.



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Be careful this guy offered real estate investing in Nigeria to someone, it all looks sketchy I had bad expierience with Nigerians, I don't want to sound racist or something but deal with caution
You messed up your finance with someone from that end doesn't mean there're not legitimate business owner from/in that country.
Yes, I offered a service to someone who asked for it and I don't think there's any rules i violated by marketing my service to whoever cares on this forum so I would advice you to make use of your brain and do the same if you're legit then take a step further to stop mastrubating your greed looking for free money over the internet so you don't fall victim again.
I honestly sympathize with you man.


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A brawl sure about to brew the left corner of the ring an undisputed champion in a brown hat @michael2137.... and in the right corner @Hurrymore212 never been knocked out in a match...
Our referees for todays match up are @Admin...and @martineverson

This is a scheduled 12Round match ..and the winner would be determined by a knockout....let the fight begin.... And opponents dont forget to put on your Face masks and no low blows...nai¤%borg!22-.bla-"!:eek:


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This is not even 1btc and so much talking :)
Available for 50 daily (both ways with security standars protocol for manual and kyc for transfers).
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