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Business Setup - Whats the point of Belize, Nevis etc.


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Hi Everyone,

Been reading the forum and it seems Belize, Nevis and Seychelles are commonly used for privacy.
However, it also seems that you cant even open any Bank Accounts with them and must rely on Mister Tango (if this still works).

I am curious -

1) what is the point of even registering a business if you cant even open bank accounts? why are people using them if you cant even collect or transfer funds?
2) are there any banks or EMI's that still work with them? I may have missed some.

To note, I am not involved in bitcoin. I would like to set up a private real estate rental business that will be buying or renting properties across Europe and Asia. I simply want ownership privacy but also need a bank account to receive funds.

If you have any other recommendations for privacy, please let me know!

Thanks for the help


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Marshall Isalnds is one of - if not the most discrete offshore jurisdication - but the only bank account I know of that you can get is Euro Pacific Bank


Offshore Agent
There's still banking options for those jurisdictions, just fewer and some may be more difficult to get approved. Have a chat with your agent of choice when you consider incorporating to see which banks they work with. The easiest, though not necessarily recommended option will generally be a bank in the same jurisdiction as the company.


If you prepare your business and if you are not a lazy fucktard you will succeed to open a bank account for most offshore companies. You need to prepare a very good business plan which fullfilm the requirements and information the bank needs.

Most people can't even provide a business description of 5 - 10 lines! They write e-commerce and think that is a 5 - 10 lines description :D after that they wonder why they got rejected!
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