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Calling experts of BTC trading, btc goin up or down the next 3 days?

Down, then up.

Credit Event unfolding, 19k would be nice, 22.5k seems on the cards.

Dependent on the credit event could see 13k (would be horrible as would f**k a lot of math).

Then up only.
It's pretty hard to predict the future of the financial market.
Since 2013 only two asset classes have outperformed the de-basement of currency.

- Gold has lost 4% per year against currency debasement (spending power).
- Real Estate (avg'd West) has lost 2.5% per year against currency debasement (spending power).
- S&P500 is 'flat'.
- Nasdaq +6% against currency debasement.
- Bitcoin (+Crypto) has outperformed Nasdaq but has severe volatility.

Government will increase the debt by 12 trillion by 2028 (2027) with refinancing (moneterising debt) - US alone - this will increase the Balance Sheet.

Tie the Balance sheet x Nasdaq then Nasdaq x Bitcoin.

You'll get your answer there, and this is before you even consider the mess they will need to clean up with QT and Rate Rises.
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Some people have a clue, I'm impressed.
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We are a few weeks away from a major drop (at least 4 weeks) at current price level.
Depending on the price it may take longer or sooner before crossing the line to initiate the major drop.
At current price levels it takes 4-5 weeks.If price goes up and stays there it will take longer.
If it goes down it will be sooner.
At the end it will drop massivly giving a good FINAL buying opportunity.

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Can you give more info about this? Where did you get it from?
Kinda funny actually.

We spent years honing in figuring out the market (quants) and had roughly 80% of the math worked out and supported, then came along Raul Pal, and dropped the final piece of the jigsaw that basically explained the last stretch of the gains in the market (left on the table).

Market is purely driven by refinancing the debt, and this is supported by the CB Balance Sheets.

To get to the number which is based on the ReFi cycle which is actually between 8-9 trillion when we first had it worked out, has since increased to 12 trillion based on the huge amount of debt accumulated under Bidenomics, initially you can't get the data outside of Bloomberg Terminal, or rather at least in-time actionable as in figuring out how to put it to work, so you work of a number of leading indictators.

However just yesterday I was watching Peter Schiff, and he mentioned fast forwarding the debt clock, they are using the same math.

So a simple way - Debt clock fast forward.

For actionable trading, do the leg work because the debt clock is lagging based on past data, otherwise solid.

Oh and check out the PDF i've shared in here a few times...
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A chart which includes diffrent kind of timelines which the market/price is respecting on majority of times.
something we can see online or do you need to have access to a trading platform to see that chart ?
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