1. Frederic9020

    I am looking for how to cash out money from Russia

    Hello! Please advice options for withdrawing money and transfers abroad from Russia. (SWIFT disabled)
  2. B

    What is the best way to buy crypto at the best possible price "EUR/BTC"?

    Hey, For a while, i have been looking for a way to buy cryptocurrencies through bank transfers (SEPA) at the market price or better than the market price (YES better than the market price). Previously i had one source that sells to me at a very good price, but now it has stopped working. So...
  3. D

    S... hits the fan in EAST EUROPE

    Greetings! Current situation: EU Citizen - Romania, Nato east flanc, where hot war is about to break ( i think it s a matter of when not if ). Brick and morter with Physical stores business owner ( with stocks - consumer electronics and jewelry, representing 70% of assets ). Current...
  4. bastard

    What's up in cryptoland ? BTC 51K US$

    Does anyone know why BTC has just risen by 2000 US $ in a few hours?
  5. T

    Swissquote - Source of funds

    Bought BTC in 2014 (can prove fiat to crypto) and converted it to ETH, altcoins, and back to BTC. Haven't traded much overall but when I download the CSV files from exchanges those are huge – as you know, some orders get filled by many smaller transactions. Also, some altcoins have staking...
  6. R

    Advcash crypto to fiat

    Hello I have 36k usd of BTC , how i can change to fiat without been reported to tax authorities? Advcash is a good option? I saw they have a card? Are they CRS reporting?
  7. L

    I need a UK company formation agent or Someone that accepts BTC for non-resident

    I am trying to setup a UK company with Transfer-wise but my local card keeps getting declined on most of the websites like 1stformations etc. Is there any website i can use that accept crypto payment or is there a way to get a UK VCC and fund with BTC. Thanks
  8. C

    BTC to EURO/USD cash Paraguay

    I want to exchange BTC to EURO/USD cash in Paraguay, Asuncíon. You guys have any idea how I can do that relatively cheap/safe?
  9. cyprusbanker

    Huge delays on BTC transfers from one to another wallet?

    Is it just me or did you also noticed a huge delay in bitcoin transfers from one wallet to another. Have some coins sitting in kraken, coinbase and exodus for a few hours, still pending hi%#
  10. E

    From BTC to the regular stock market?

    Hi Im new here, and I have been searching for an answer to my question, but I still havent found what im looking for ;) I have some BTC and I would like to trade stocks for them -yeah, I know its not easy, but maybe you guys know about a platform where they accept deposits in BTC and exchange...
  11. A

    OTC that support ACH payment (USA)

    I'm looking for OTC (or P2P seller) which can accept ACH payment for buying btc daily (1-5) daily. My issue is that my bank not provide me wire transfer and only let me make ACH transfer. I can make payment to any US bank as long as they have valid routing #. Already talking with some OTC...
  12. J

    Bitwala / Solarisbank as for masking exchanges/crypto from Revolut/Transferwise & Co?

    Bitwala offers Crypto/Card/IBAN etc backed by the bank license of Solaris bank with deposit insurance and all the stuff. Now since Revolut/Transferwise etc will usually block your account if you do any transfers to/from a known crypto exchange/emi/whatever could one simply use Bitwala as a...
  13. J

    BTC to Card ATM frequency / limits before Source of Funds

    What is the common experience in terms of frequency / limits when the usual BTC to Card/ATM cashout providers start to ask for source of funds of the loaded BTCs? Any definite red flag actions one should avoid?
  14. J

    No Source of Funds BTC to Cash/Gold

    How would you go at preferably cashing out or converting to another hard asset like gold bars about 200-400k € in BTC that is not connected to the person in question in any kind of way but the person cannot provide any source of funds / proof of origin. A legitimate business exists in a low...
  15. nicochavez

    Dukascopy > new fee for withdrawing to a BTC exchange

    Lately Dukascopy bank from Switzerland, has introduced a €50 fee for withdrawals to crypto. My need is to buy BTC for a monthly sum below €1k. Sometimes it can even be less than that. Now Dukascopy is identifyng any SEPA transfer to Binance Jersey or...
  16. A

    EMI/Offshore Bank suggestions for high volume btc trading?

    Hi i should start off by saying I'm new to offshorecorptalk & still wrapping my head around some of the concepts you guys are probably familiar with. I trade fairly high volumes of btc via localbitcoins (around 50-100k euros monthly) however i run into banking problems all the time for example...
  17. G

    How to choose a cryptocurrency exchange

    Hello, I want you to answer a few questions about the account of the online cryptocurrency exchange. 1. How do you choose an exchanger (what criteria, preferences)? 2. What problems do you encounter during the exchange? 3. How do you feel about registering for a service? 4. What repels in the...
  18. João Silva

    Can HitBTC be trusted?

    I know both people who say that it´s Ok and people who say it´s a scam.
  19. CaLViN

    Buy BTC via wire transfer

    Hello, I am thinking of buying btc via wire transfer from our company account.The total amount will be around 50-60k EURO in 10k batches. Where do you think i can achieve this ? It must be safe and fast. I have been using since years but any alternative would be good as they have high...
  20. M

    Is there any exch. service provides bank acc. and send it via btc?

    Sorry for noob question I need a exchange service which provides bank acc to receive payments from online company and then can send it to me via btc is there any service provides this?