Can I open a bank account if my company has a nominee director?

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  1. Yaneek

    Yaneek Building Trust Entrepreneur

    My bank just told me that I have 2 months to move the money from them. They don't want me as customer anymore.
    I have no idea what the reason is. I didn't do anything.

    My company is in the seychelles and I have a nominee director. Is it possible for me to open another bank account remotely (online, documents via courier) without the help of my offshore service provider?

    They are charging a premium price for these things (bank opening will be around 2k).
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  2. Admin

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    Get a Cyprus bank account for your company if possible. Otherwise use one of the EMI's like Mister Tango, Revolut, Leupay and so on.
  3. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    What bank is it that does not want you as customer?
  4. Yaneek

    Yaneek Building Trust Entrepreneur

    And from there what is the best solution to get the money home?
  5. realcat

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    Is it Latvian bank? I heard they all now clean up their customer profile to get rid off all shady ones.
  6. Admin

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    from there you can withdraw the money with the debit card or you make a wire transfer I don't understand this question actually? :)