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Canada LP & Bank Account - but lockdown?


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Hi all. Would really appreciate any help and advice on this...
I have searched and read much about the Canadian/Ontario LP, which is what I need to obtain asap, along with a business bank account with debit card. However, right now during this pandemic climate, I am up against some brick walls.
Obtaining and setting up the LP with an agent, no problem. I can see there are plenty of them. (If you can personally recommend, please do)
However, the bank account looks to be an issue, as it requires a personal visit, which at present is out the question as the borders are closed (I am in the UK)
I really need to avoid travelling to Canada due to shielding, however for business purposes I desperatley need a Canadian bank account with debit card to make payments to suppliers in Canada. Can anyone recommend a route to go? Any contacts?
Any help whatsoever, would be gratefully receieved.


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Mastercard and Visa are international so a debit card will work anywhere in the world.

What is the reason your suppliers want a Canadian address?

Cant you pay them via bank trasnfer?
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