cex vs kraken vs bitstamp ?

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so i didn't find a bitcoin debit card available worldwide or something similar that serve this purpose .

i'm focusing now on exchanges that i will sell my bitcoin to for wire transfer . i think of cex but karken is very close too however karken has horrible reviews despite being the most exchange that received support from cryptocoiners . i have active accounts on these exchanges but i bought coins via cex only couple of years ago and things went smoothly . at times i had to send angry e-mails and issues were solved although the site is east european i thought they may lock funds any time lol you cant trust them . currently they have withdraw method with skrill but they ask you to have identical e-mail on both platforms however i think it's sound fishy because it doesn't look like common requirement maybe they use this method to pull details from skrill in case there is mismatch with info .

kraken include a cheaper wire transfer fee offer 5 euros while cex has standard 25 euro fee . i bet cex will be worse than these 2 exchanges but i used it too .

in a perfect world i was thinking of easy-lax process with crypto card to cash out via atms . but now i must move funds to exchange then trade it for usd/euro (easy step but unnecessary ) then make wire transfer and wait 5 business days there is a down side the bank will see from where the wires coming from crypto exchange . recently some local laws were issued against crypto currency. but i think the banks mostly will disregard it .
i dont want to give an exchange a lengthy time and more control over the process .

i know some will advice me to use p2p or wirex , but those options are not the best .

do you think if i used skrill card outside eea regularly they will block it ?


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Why don't you just put a signature up rather than posting your vague answers here on the forum, it's just stupid. And then it makes no sense.

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