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Cheapest Seychelles company formation service available, who?

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Apr 11, 2009
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Today I learned that cclogic is offering a Seychelles company registration for only EUR 295 ~ 400$US that’s really cheap I took one right away just to check out if they are able to keep their promises with the 1 hour of incorporation... must say it works, because of the time zone I had to wait 8 hours but now I'm holding the electronic version of my Seychelles company certificate in the hands...

Now I just wondering what the best and cheapest is, can one even get it cheaper and still have the same quality of service? How does the Seychelles differ from Belize or some of the tax Free states in the US?

Anyway I'm satisfied with the service I got and will defiantly put my trust in them again.
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since we have received a lot of enquiries in regards to the fee you mentioned, I would like lead people interested in ordering a Seychelles Company to this thread.
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Thank you for sharing your information surender, also thanks to Admin, I guess the cheapest is the Seychelles offshore company, however, will we get the original corporate documents from you for this fee or will they just be scans?

I'm not such a fan of cheap service any longer when it comes to the registration of a new offshore company, as I stated in another thread, I have been burned by doing that in the past.
Nice you joined us system32, I got my original corporate documents just this morning I'm impressed, the guys here are doing a hell of a good job.... have seen many others which don't offer the half of the services as cclogic are doing for the same fee, and hey, how bad can it be, I'm the happy owner of a Real Offshore company in the Seychelles now and I only paid EUR 295.00 for this, as mentioned, surprisingly good service, thumbs up from me!