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Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by bencs, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. bencs

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    I am looking for some help with forming an offshore company, basically I have a good amount of bitcoin without proof of source. This is from a blackhat website I used to run, obviously I didn't declare this as income so have no proof of how I acquired all these coins. My plan is to setup a bitcoin virtual goods business of some sort and accept bitcoin payments, slowly moving the coins through. I will use something like mistertango as an intermediate between a bitcoin merchant and the offshore bank account.

    Which is the best company/banking setup for this? I am a UK citizen and currently live in the UK. Any help is appreciated, looking to move around 500k through. My main aims are to cash out in a lax jurisdiction and try to minimize any tax in comparison to doing this with a UK business.

    Willing to offer a financial incentive to anyone that can help me develop a solid plan.
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  2. ImKing

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    You simply open a Belize company, setup a MisterTango account and transfer your BTC to MisterTango and from there to your bank account. You can generate invoices in the Belzie corp. it's no problem at all to do so.
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  3. pseud0

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    @ImKing do you have any reliable solution for a bank account in EU or out of EU for Belize IBC?
  4. blueweb

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    you can open an account in Cyprus for instant Bank of Cyprus or EMI Sepaga
  5. GCE

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    Belize company with prescribed bitcoin/crypto business activity + local bank account + Mistertango account
  6. hiju

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    did you find a good place for your business and if so, where did you ended up incorporating your company?
  7. Dev Nul

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    In this case, if MisterTango or the bank question your source of income, how do you justify it?

    Please point me to assistance for this as this is the missing link for my requirement too.
  8. Admin

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    you have to provide them with some documents if you reach more than 40K euro but this is only if you want to use your debit card. Otherwise they usually don't ask questions, none of them do!