Crypto company Bank account search.


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Yes, they may ask you to set-up legal entity in DE as representative office of your company. Also initial deposit may be very high (around 1 000 000 EUR).
I think, only Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited doesn't require residence.


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Thank you, I will try. By the way, Estonian LHV replied that they do not accept companies that are only beginning to work with cryptocurrency.


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Yes, all these banks require domestic companies.

First of all, this is FX broker.


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Vlad Zile

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I am also interested in the subject. I have bank account with Mistertango ( help you good not to have any issues, there customer support takes a lot). Solaris Bank and Fidor Bank and Gorenjska bank did not respond to any request I made. With the FX trading companies with all of them is easy to open an account, discuss but when they find out you are in crypto they will reject you.
Please let me know if you identified other solutions as I am very interested also

Andrew Gooden

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Hello everyone.
I have company in Estonia, got as well Cryptocurrency Exchange Licence.
Got KYC and AML company contract too.
I cannot get a BANK account anywhere .
Estonian LVH - "internal risk policy" - can't get account there
MrTango - I don't know if I can trust to put there bigger amount of money ?

what are my options?
please , anyone had similar problem ?
I am not sure if this site can be of some use to you, have a look at it and decide. Crypterium — Cryptobank for Cryptopeople Cheers!


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What's the problem with a simpl blockchain account? Can't we call it a crypto bank account?

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