1. F

    Discover: Estonian crypto company uses swiss bank account

    Hey folks. Just discovered that nexo .io, crypto loan company registered under Estonian law uses Swiss bank account to accept payments, in particular InCore Bank AG Does anyone hear anything about InCore Bank AG?
  2. B

    Company In Estonia, Residence in Portugal

    Hi all, I am new here :) I am working online as advertising expert and business strategist. I basically can work anywhere. I would love to relocate in Portugal and I was thinking to open an Estonian company since I know the beaureocracy is very limited and profits are not taxed unless...
  3. C

    Opening a bank account in Estonian Bank

    Do you have any recent experiences with opening a bank account for 1. local comapnies 2. Estonian branches of foreign companies 3. foreign companies in Estonian banks ? Should the business ties be evidenced or are there any special requirements to be met for successful opening? If not Estonian...
  4. lrotter

    Where to establish Crypto exchange licensed?

    Hello All! After new regulations in Estonia with their financial authority they require personal visits of UBO/AML officer to meet the regulator. It makes impossible for the companies with "hired" UBO to be registered. Any suggestions where to register LICENSED crypto exchange instead?
  5. GooseM

    Starting up low-capital agency - First steps?

    Hello! I am looking for a decent low-capital tax optimization setup. I am operating a company making a small amount. It is about $1000/month in net profit. The model is quite simple; It has server hosting, and some freelance agents that get paid commission. I am an EU resident, and so are the...
  6. LisaSimpson

    Estonia and getting paid

    I have heard that some people lowered their tax by getting paid using income tax and expenses since it comes prior to profit. For example, I have heard of a German lady who lives under the nonhabitual resident programme in Portugal where she does not pay any income tax. She has an Estonian...
  7. krabi

    Crypto company Bank account search.

    Hello everyone. I have company in Estonia, got as well Cryptocurrency Exchange Licence. Got KYC and AML company contract too. I cannot get a BANK account anywhere . Estonian LVH - "internal risk policy" - can't get account there MrTango - I don't know if I can trust to put there bigger amount...