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Cyprus Visa Debit Card for my Cyprus Bank Account, what’s the benefit?


Dec 29, 2008
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You decided to find out more about the benefits to have a offshore bank account with a Visa Debit Card, through this post I will explain a bit about how to get the bank account and the Visa Debit card in Cyprus.

In general it is most common that people outside Europe want to have a way to accept payments by Wire transfer for larger amounts, or to pay their bills by Bank Transfers, often an IBAN number is required for the bank account for other companies to make a Wire Transfer to a European Bank Account.

In some countries it isn’t possible to just open a bank account in the local bank and that’s where it is a major benefit for companies and individuals across the World to be able to open a Cyprus Bank Account and also get a Cyprus Visa Electron Card connected to that account.

The Visa Electron Card can be used in all ATM’s around the world and have no limits, except funds needed to be available on the account.

There are also other reasons for companies or individuals to open a Cyprus Offshore Bank Account, one could be assets protection another could be to simplicity the payment transfers from companies in Europe to non European Companies.

Did you know that it is only possible for any authority in the World to get access to your Cyprus bank account if they can proof that you are involved in Money Laundering or financing of Terrorism? Most people are not. What does that mean for me? Simple, if you for any reason get in troubles with your creditors or you, by court order, have to pay everything you owe to an Authority or to a creditor because you really owe the money to them, then it is not possible for anyone to access the money on your Cyprus Bank Account, which make it possible for you to start a new venture later on or to secure your private finances to be able to exist in the future until you get a regular income again.

Now while you have a Cyprus Bank Account, then you might want to have easy access to your money, this is what you get with your Cyprus Visa Debit Card, you do not need to make a Wire Transfer to your local bank account and wait 2 -3 days for the money to arrive, no you access you funds immediately 24 / 7 / 365 that mean you will always have cash in the hand as long as you have money on your Cyprus Bank Account.

Interested? Sure I was too, and it is very easy to get this thing started, you only need a Reference Letter from your local bank which includes a letter of good standing and some ID with a picture of yours, once you have this in place it needs some application which is about 2 -3 pages and only thing you need is to read it and sign it, that’s all. Typically it takes about 2 – 3 weeks for the Cyprus Bank Account to be operational and to issue the Cyprus Visa Debit Card.

Read more at Cyprus Company Formation

I made this post for general information to the community, feel free to comment on it or just ask questions. ;)
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Thank you both of you, I will soon release more informatin about this toppic :)

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