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Does anyone tried sogexia EMI account?

Their support seems a little slow but I send it Sunday with a question to convert a personal to a business account.

I just signed up for an personal account with Sogexia - Compte de Paiement et Carte Bancaire MasterCard Prépayée the account got upgraded after a few hours no problem.

Once upgraded I can't login so I changed my password, still can't login :( ?

Is this normal has anyone of you had the same problem?
hi @goldmann
to be honest i have never tried sending a message query over the weekend
but usually their response time is within the same day or max the next day
also check you spam/junk folder in case they replied and the email ended up there
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I'm wanting to open an account there. What do you think is wrong with this Company or what you did wrong?
You may try to apply there to see how they are! Firsthand experience is the best..
hmm still no reply after 48 hours and 3 extra emails to their support. Can't login to the account, this sucks big times. Is this a big company or just a small one man show?
That sucks indeed ca#"!
Yeah... I did tried them and I am not satisfied at all about their taxes. Too big if u ask me (or maybe I am too poor).

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