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Does anyone tried sogexia EMI account?

They kept the 9.90 Euro I paid for the card and replied:
Bonjour, Notre service conformité a décliné définitivement l'ouverture de votre compte. Nous ne pouvons donc malheureusement pas procéder à l'ouverture de votre compte afin de nous conformer aux exigences réglementaires en vigueur. Nous restons à votre disposition pour toute demande complémentaire. Bien cordialement
Worst bank ever!
Wich company did you used to register ( country )?
They are good for me and their wire transfer are really fast!
Are they still a valid option for account opening? Did someone opened a business account with them?
What is this joke fuckservice? Noone in this thread mentioned a 2 % unlimited fee on incoming transfers.

Why would anyone use this and I'm shocked by what was mentioned on the previous page here, what gives them the right to "forward documents to interpol" automatically, that is not what a bank does.
Maybe people that don't care about the fees but need a solution because they can't get it anywhere else. It is not the first time that we have seen EMI's with high fees, still they are used by lot of people.
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A joke indeed but it is at least mentioned on their website. Another joke is a maximum allowed balance €80,000.
Maybe that much of a joke any longer. Many have implemented such limits for a certain level of verification.

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