Does anyone tried sogexia EMI account?

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  1. Saka11

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    is this provide uniq.e i.ban for personel account?
  2. Sergio

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    Yesterday I opened an account I found myself wrong. So many problems, account open, paid Mastercard with another card, sent my IDs. After an hour I received an email from the support that told me that my identity document was false and that they sent it to Interpol. I sent him a very hard email addressing what they wrote. I tried to call in Madrid but no one answers. I think Sogexia is an online scam. I have definitely lost 9.90 € of the Mastercard. But everyone must know that this is not a serious bank.
  3. Sergio

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    Bonjour M. Sergio,

    Nous sommes au regret de vous informer que le surclassement de votre compte SmartPay a échoué pour la(les) raison(s) suivante(s) :

    Carta didentita inte.jpg : Fraud - forwarded to Interpol<br/>Carta ddidentita.jpg : Fraud - forwarded to Interpol<br/>Luce.jpg : Fraud - forwarded to Interpol

    Nous vous recommandons de bien relire la liste des documents acceptés et critères de validité en vous connectant à votre compte en ligne, rubrique "Surclassement", puis de télécharger à nouveau vos documents rectifiés.

    Cliquez-ici pour accéder à votre compte et envoyer de nouveaux documents

    Nous restons bien entendu à votre disposition pour toute demande complémentaire.

    Bien cordialement,
    Votre Service Client Sogexia
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    Did you use REAL or FAKE Docs?
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    I have tried with both fake and real docs it's the same like @Sergio and OP say.. no answer what so ever!
  6. Sergio

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    Only real docs.
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  7. Internationaloff

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    Try with notarized copies of Docs.
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  9. Sergio

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    Blog and Blog and Blog
    Sogexia must disappear
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    Keep Calm and carry on. thu&¤#
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    Thanks for your review thu&¤#
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    I have only read bad reviews about this company and it seems they don't respond to any support tickets.
  13. I have a client which Sogexia freezed the account and closed the internet banking. They do not respond emails. Do any one have a better way to contact them?
  14. David97255

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    Sogexia give iban from refaels bank in uk.
    For business purpose you can receive maximun 80k euros per month.
    If you receive 1 euros more it will be automatically rejected.
    They have bad customers support.
    They are closing account withoit informing and when you get the " invalid id or password" it means they have blocked your account. Dont try to send mail or telephone cuz they will never answer you.
  15. So they still the money?
  16. David97255

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    I hate using this word. But i have a little amount stucked there ( 2700 euros)
    No access to account because it s blocked. No answer to mail or phone.
    They blocked the account since november 2017.
    They are in France Lyon.
  17. Yes I ahave a client in the same situation and they do not answer. I will be forced to deposit a claim to the Financial Authority
  18. Milky Moon

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    The Fédération Bancaire Française has a Médiateur in place, whom you can contact at Fédération Française des Bancaires, 18 rue La Fayette, BP 151, 75422 Paris, Cedex 09 or e mail at [email protected]. (Sogexia is an EMI not a Bank, but they should be able to point you to the correct institution).

    Maybe contact the AMF Ombudsman:
    Ombudsman's annual report
  19. Thanks