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Does anyone tried sogexia EMI account?

Sogexia: 2% on incoming SEPA transfer when the amount is less than 11000 euros and 70 euros for renewal of prepaid card.
Is there something to add?
I have just registered with Sogexia, but before I finalise the ID details, I have to check that they are a bona fide company, perform due diligence etc. After the Financial crisis, there has been a lot of hot air about AML KYC etc, whereas the truth is that it is even more important for the client to check very carefully. AML & KYB!!
I have seen that it is registered in Luxembourg and will do a bit more research. There are other prepaid card companies around that are registered in strange places and which I would not touch.

But could somebody please tell me the country IBAN they use? I am in Italy, but I don't think they have an IBAN set up here.

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That's a crappy EMI. I have accounts with more than 10 different EMI and NEVER have an application been rejected and I have an EU-ID.

Then I submitted an application there and 2 minutes later I received an email that my application was rejected, without any reason etc.
As for the 2%, mot of their offering is free, they need to make money one-way or another.

You do not like it. Do not become a customer, as stated all prices are available on their website.
2% is pricey indeed, I was thinking it's for the "luxury" of having a Luxembourgeois IBAN but to be honest I don't really see the advantages of having that, since it's all still regulated as any other EU EMI.
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