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Experience with Wise transfer paused? Stripe Payout

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What has Wise requested?

Provided nothing else is suspicious or wrong with the setup, I'd just show Wise statement from Stripe, proof that the subsidiary is a subsidiary, and provide an explanation for why the subsidiary doesn't receive the money into its own bank account. Hopefully you have a service agreement of some sort between the two companies which explains why the parent company is receiving settlements on behalf of its subsidiary.
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Just wise carrying on normal business and enjoying interest free loans from customers.
Receiving payments on behalf of another subject is exactly the issue that many (frankly, practically all reputable) banks and EMIs do not like and explicitly forbid in the TOS. I am not familiar with the exact wording of current Wise's TOS but check it carefully; and if it is there (as I guess), prepare a very well tailored argumentation that your subsidiary just represents you against Stripe or so, etc. (otherwise you are endangered by account freezing and all the possible consequences).
As @Sols already mentioned, show Wise how things are connected and they will release the money. I don't believe them not to be cooperative.
Arent they not allowed to touch customer funds? I thought the funds are kept in segregated accounts
Correct. The funds are held in such a way that they are of no value the financial institution. If it were a bank, it might be a different story.

;) that is not how that game works ;)
Do you say that because you know for a fact, or are you echoing what someone else has said without providing evidence?