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Greetings from central Europe

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I come from Europe. Living in the central Europe, an European Union country which joined EU in 2004. Currently running two companies dealing with consulting and freelance services, as well crypto currency investments - small businesses run individually as well as with family members. I have experience with setting up and running companies, dealing with government offices, legalization of stay (residence permits by work, residence by setting up a company) and exotic cross-broder optimization strategies for small up to medium size company in a number of countries in the central and eastern Europe (including Czech Republic and Ukraine). My background is Engineering, I am interested about investments, trading in financial markets, with stocks, futures, options, crypto. I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience in these subjects.

I have found your forum a few days ago, I have read some of the posts and I really like the level of discussions going on. Currently I'm looking for what my options might be regarding optimization of tax, setting up offshore companies, bank accounts, and protecting my assets - roughly speaking.

I have decided to join the forum as I think that it's nice to be a member of society of similarly-thinking people. Governments in developed countries are getting more and more aggressive tax- wise, and I think it's going to get worse as they run out of money. That's why sharing knowledge between people who want a door out of the zoo is a must.

Wishing everybody a good day and a good year 2021!
You can call me Oleg for the purpose of this forum activity.


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Here we have another fellow ex-KGB on board :)
Enjoy your staying OlegB...you will find amazing people here
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Offshore Bank Accounts