[help] Registering my first offshore LLC


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Hey all,

I have come here for some advice, I'm fairly familiar with IBC's and tax havens due to the industry I work in..

but, now its a matter of me personally registering my own LLC for tax purposes I do seek some outside insight.

I had planned on registering a dominica LLC and opening a bahamas corp bank account, (hopefully with merchant services)
Keeping up on the news, it seems that dominica has since been pushed by EU to enforce income tax on all IBCs, thus I don't want anything to do with dominica now.
(I'm counting myself lucky, that I hadnt already registered before JAN)

Please help in giving some suggestions to where I should go now to register an LLC with no income tax conditions.
My requirements are, an offshore LLC that I can manage to open a bank account for (with merchant services).
-can issue credit card (even if it requires secured deposit amount)
- can receive credit / debit card payments through a website for products I may sell in future.

(NOTE: this will not be used for gambling or related business)

Thanks in advance.


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Do you mean Georgia USA state or Georgia the Country?

If the country, then how easy/hard is it to open a bank account and have a merchant account to accept payments in an online store?
Georgia the country,is really easy you only need to go there with your passport and the LLC docs


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also.. I just read that Georgia (country) has implemented 15% corporate tax on LLC's..