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Here we are again with some extra news for nov - 23


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Dec 29, 2008
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Hi, everyone! We’re back with some more exciting news deep down into the business season and just before the last month of the year.

It’s almost that time of the year when we sit down and look back, trying to figure out what we’ve managed to achieve. But before that moment, we’ve just managed to secure another major success this year.

Our numbers keep getting better and better

As you may remember from our previous updates, we’ve reached the 250K milestone for posts. We’re happy to announce that we’re up by almost 10K posts since then.

At the same time, our user database has gone up to nearly 24,000 active users.

We’ve experienced solid growth over the past year, with the implementation of new security protocols and a few new partnerships, but that’s not everything.

Despite being less than two months until the end of the year, we still have a few surprises for the OffshoreCorpTalk community.

A new sponsor, a new beginning
We’re honored to welcome Swiss Money abroad.

Not only is this the first time a Swiss company joins our sponsor list, but it’s also one of the largest cryptocurrency operators on the Swiss market.

The modern financial platform brings in the latest technologies on the market for both personal and business uses. Whether you’re after USD, GBP or Bitcoin, whether you’re in Switzerland, Lithuania or Thailand, get ready to benefit from Swiss excellence at the highest possible standards.

The banking institution offers a wide variety of accounts, but it’s better known for its personal and business options. They come with well recognized cards, offering global freedom regardless of the location.

Swiss Money is a top player in terms of asset management too, offering streamlined and straightforward transactions and trading solutions for cryptocurrency users.

A global reach, dedicated IBANs, multiple types of accounts, access to cryptocurrency and spendable crypto are the factors that put Swiss Money on top of many other financial players in the international market.

We hope this new partnership will last for years, offering a fruitful experience for both the OffshoreCorpTalk forum and Swiss Money.

A quick reminder
Before we go, we’d like to remind our users about the recent partnership we’ve established with Emirates Setup a few months ago.

Established in 2016, Emirates Setup specializes in company setups, visa support, corporate banking solutions, tax and VAT related services.

Despite the partnership being fresh, both Emirates Setup and the OffshoreCorpTalk forum feel like it’s already productive for both parties, offering a fresh perspective on future business opportunities.

This being said, we'd like to thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. We hope you'll find the news as exciting as we do, and we look forward to coming back with more announcements soon.
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