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    Mauritius, the island nation that is located in the Indian Ocean, has fast emerged as a hot spot of financial activities with numerous individuals and companies, especially those who function out of surrounding countries, choosing it to open offshore bank accounts in.


    This is truly remarkable for a country that became a republic only in 1992 and now is a part of the Commonwealth. The reason for this rapid growth has been the government’s insistence on a strong focus on foreign investment and as a result, today Mauritius boasts of more than 10,000 offshore companies registered there. The banking sector itself has generated more than a billion dollars so far with a major contributor being foreign investors.

    As with most other offshore banking location, it is the ease of access and reliability of the said operation in Mauritius that has lead to this banking boom. The banks over there, like the Hong Kong Bank Mauritius maintain stern security standards, and allow its customers the benefits of privacy and practice strict non disclosure of its customer’s tax information.

    There are a lot of benefits to opening a bank account in a jurisdiction like Mauritius. From low to zero taxes for non residents, a red tape-less culture and ease of operation, no exchange monitoring and a much larger freedom to move capital around. There is little to none restrictive banking legislation along with a stable yet flexible political system coupled with economic stability in the region.

    For those who value their privacy, Mauritius has no tax information exchange treaties with countries that tax their residents at a higher rate and owing to its past history of occupation, they have people who speak English, French, German and even Portuguese. As you can see, there were optimal conditions already in place for Mauritius to act as a tax haven for the rich and the famous.


    Hong Kong Bank Mauritius
    Hong Kong Bank Mauritius or HSBC bank’s operation in the island country is one of the most stable as well competitive one in place. The bank’s operation in Mauritius allows customers to open high yielding personal as well as business accounts in all major currencies, with interest rates in a tiered structure that are adjusted based on economic conditions periodically. The best part is that the interest rate you earn on them is not subjected to any sort of a withholding tax.

    The huge range of facilities and services that the HSBC Mauritius provides to their customers are perfect for both the needs of individuals and trading companies and range from capital finance to cross border loans, short term and long

    Other services include personal banking, clearing services, trade finance, electronic banking, cash management, corporate and investment banking, foreign exchange treasury and securities custody among others.

    When you are opening an account with HSBC Mauritius, you are essentially getting the advantage of a stable and non restrictive banking system with state of the art electronic access to it. What’s not to like about it?
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    Why bank with Hong Kong bank in Mauritius if you can bank locally with ABC standard bank in Mauritius is there any good reason for this?
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    You don't need to bank with an HK bank in Mauritius, but you could and even open an account with both the Mauritius bank you are mentioning and the Hong Kong banks branch there to get more banking facilities for your business it can't hurt to have!
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    So if I get it right and if the Hong Kong bank accept it the suggested solution is to open an account both in Mauritius with ABC or any other bank there and the Hong Kong bank later.
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    Hong Kong Bank in Mauritius? It sounds to me like double protection and double the hassle to open the offshore account there. If the HK bank requires personal visit but the banks locally in Mauritius don't why then go for a HK bank?
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    I like the sexy beach or Mauritius ;) but for business, i'll prefer Cyprus compared to safety, location and size of country's economy.
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    That's a good news. I personally do business with Hong Kong Bank. I didn't know they operate Mauritius also. Will talk with my agent...
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    You may ask your agent for assistance in Mauritius if you don't already have an HSBC account.
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    It's both HSBC and Mauritius. You just can't ask for more.
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    Do you think HSBC bank is the only HK based bank that has branched International?
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    I think you're right from a quick Google search I see there are aprox 20 hong kong banks located in Mauritius.
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    Simple. HSBC is popular around the world. Their account offers you stellar features as well.
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    Yeah it is one of the banks in Mauritius!
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    They are a world leading bank they have branches all over this damn planet!
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    For someone not living in Mauritius it may not make sense. There are a few people that may have interest in this.
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    For some thinking creative it may be true.
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    Got admin, sorry for my comment.
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    Did someone had luck to open an account with HSBC remote in Mauritius? If so it may be the door to get an account there in HK without personal visit.
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