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Hong Kong bank Mauritius


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Did someone had luck to open an account with HSBC remote in Mauritius? If so it may be the door to get an account there in HK without personal visit.
Interesting question but I don't believe it to be that easy.


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Dear admin,
I hope you will consider Company incorporation in Mauritius. They have created 2 types of companies GBC 1 (local) and GBC 2 (offshore). This jurisdiction is not considered to be a tax haven in Europe. There are double tax treaty with mauritius but what is great about mauritius is that if you incorporate a gbc2 you are out of the scope of the double tax treat data exchange. Also gbc2 means that your company is automatically exempt of corporate tax. There is no exemption to file. There is no need to hire an auditor. It is only required to provide a yearly financial report. Except that there is no Tax return. Furthermore, it is better than Belize because Paypal accepts that paypal merchant accounts from mauritius transfer their money to their prepaid card wherever the prepaid card comes from.
The criminal law of mauritius is dated from the 19th century and there is a lot of freedom compared to many Caribbean islands.


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For people that live in Hong Kong and already have an banking relationship there it must be of an benefit to have a HK bank in Mauritius if the idea is to incorporate a business there!


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but that may also be the only reason for why they are in Mauritius. I read that they have huge troubles in China with the banking system so many of the rich Chinese people bank offshore!


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I have been reading about Hong Kong and Mauritius banking in my research. As far as I can see it is not possible to open an account at any bank at any of these jurisdiction without personal visit! Does this change if you libe in Hong Kong and want to open an account in Mauritius with HK bank ?
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